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The Atlanta BeltLine

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  • Transit Designed
    to Keep Us Moving

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  • Inspired Planning
    for Our Parks

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  • Master Planning
    with a Purpose

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The documents within this section lay out the complexities involved in bringing a project like the Atlanta BeltLine to life. Within are detailed planning specs that illustrate the technical progress achieved over the past five years. These key components are supported by droves of community officials, activists, business owners, area leaders and neighborhood participants alike. The progress outlined in these files is intended to serve all of these groups with valuable planning information, past present and future!
On December 11, 2013, ABI’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the Atlanta BeltLine 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), which will guide the citywide transportation and redevelopment program through its completion. The first seven years of the program generated a roughly 3:1 return on investment, with more than $1 billion in private redevelopment spurred by roughly […] Learn more
In 2007, master planning began by looking at the half mile on either side of the Atlanta BeltlLine corridor to create a suitable framework to support future population growth and transit ridership. In 10 distinct subareas, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) and the City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development developed master plans that address land use, transportation and parks. Neighborhood residents have informed and shaped the plans by providing detailed feedback at public meetings and in writing. Subarea by subarea, planners worked with the community until all 10 areas were completed. Learn more
Corridor Design Plans The southwest and southeast corridors of the Atlanta BeltLine are currently in design. As presentations are available regarding all corridor design, they will be posted below. These documents can all be downloaded as PDFs. Some files may exceed 100+ pages, so please plan for large files sizes. Learn more
Several of the Atlanta BeltLine parks are already open to the public. In addition to enrichment through new recreational offerings, these green space initiatives offer environmental benefits, and will serve as a catalyst for economic development around the parks. The greenspace component of the Atlanta BeltLine was introduced by the Trust for Public Land in its 2004 Emerald Necklace Study, which it commissioned from renowned urban designer Alex Garvin. Learn more
To date, 11 miles of trails are open to the public, including permanent trails and temporary hiking trails. The soon-to-be completed Eastside Trail will be joining the list of open and available trails in the very near future. Learn more
Atlanta BeltLine / Atlanta Streetcar System Plan On December 8, 2015, Atlanta City Council adopted the final Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan (SSP). The SSP documents the City of Atlanta’s approach to building out this streetcar network over time in a manner that is efficient, cost effective, mobility focused, supportive of regional transit, and integrated with […] Learn more