Under Construction

THE ENTIRE NORTHEAST TRAIL IS NOT YET OPEN. When complete, the Northeast Trail will connect the northern end of the Eastside Trail up to the Lindbergh MARTA station. However, only the middle section is currently paved. This section, which extends from Ansley Mall to the Buford Spring Connector, was paved by Georgia Power and is now open to the public. Additionally, a 0.8-mile stretch is open to the public as an open unpaved trail on the eastern edge of Piedmont Park from Monroe Drive to Westminster Drive. In its current state, the trail has a rough and bumpy surface of compacted railroad gravel and dirt. The segment from Westminster Drive to Ansley Mall remains closed to the public at this time.

Northeast Trail

Building Connections and Critical Transit Links

Open Unpaved Trails: Rules of Use

As part of the emerging Atlanta BeltLine trail system, open unpaved trails are accessible to the public in their unfinished state until funding is available to build out these sections of the corridor. Please note that visitors must follow the rules of use.

PLEASE NOTE: Open unpaved trails have no additional lighting, no pavement, and limited points of access. Visitors can enjoy these pleasant retreats at their own risk and are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear or use a bicycle that can handle rough terrain. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is not liable for any injury or damage as a result of using these unfinished trails.

Design & Construction Update

The design of the Northeast Trail is divided into the three segments outlined below. You can view materials from the Northeast Trail design Study Group meeting from July 15, 2021 with updates: Northeast Trail presentation, recording of the meeting on facebook live, and question and answer session from the meeting. Please stay tuned for more information as we engage the public in the process.

Northeast Trail, Segment 1: Monroe Dr. to Westminster Dr.
This section of the Northeast Trail runs between Monroe Drive and Westminster Drive. This segment, alongside Piedmont Park, will have multi-use trail in the railroad corridor. Transit will run parallel to the trail for this mile segment. Design is underway and expected to take 12-18 months to complete. It is presently open to the public as an unpaved trail and, in its current state, is a rough and bumpy surface of compacted railroad gravel and dirt.

Northeast Trail, Segment 2: Westminster Dr. to Mayson St.
This segment, between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street, will feature transit parallel to trail. In April 2021, Georgia Power completed construction of the 14-foot-wide multi-use trail between Ansley Mall and the Buford-Spring Connector. Additionally, work included stormwater systems, retaining walls, initial landscaping, and installation of new utility poles for their transmission lines along this stretch. That concrete trail segment is now open and is accessible via a ramp at Montgomery Ferry. With Georgia Power’s work complete, ABI is conducting follow-on work between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street. Full design for this section is ongoing and the full trail build-out will include lighting, security cameras, landscaping, and connections to Westminster Avenue, Piedmont Avenue, and Mayson Street. During this phase, the portion from Westminster Drive to Ansley Mall will remain closed to the public.

Northeast Trail, Segments 3-6: Mayson St. to MARTA Lindbergh
This section runs between Mayson Street and the Lindbergh MARTA station and faces several design challenges, including navigating active rail and I-85. For this approximately 2-mile segment, transit will diverge from the trail and the designs for both are underway. This is where the Atlanta BeltLine will intersect with Path400, the Peachtree Creek Greenway, and the South Fork Trails along Peachtree Creek. The current alignment in review routes under I-85 and around the Armour-Ottley area, across Peachtree Creek, and up to Garson Drive. Concept approval is proceeding and detailed design takes 30-36 months. We anticipate construction documents in summer 2023.