Under Construction

Construction activities have begun and the Northeast Trail is now closed between Westminster Drive and Ansley Mall.

Northeast Trail

Building Connections and Critical Transit Links

Design & Construction

When complete, the Northeast Trail will connect the northern end of the Eastside Trail up to the Lindbergh MARTA station. The middle section, which extends from Ansley Mall to the Buford Spring Connector, is currently paved. The remainder of the trail between Monroe Drive and Mayson Street is open as an open unpaved trail, however, the segment between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street is going into construction as of April 2022. The unpaved trail has a surface of fine, compacted gravel.

The design of the Northeast Trail is divided into the three segments outlined below. Please stay tuned for more information as we engage the public in the process and check www.beltline.org/meetings for any upcoming public meetings.

Northeast Trail, Segment 1: Monroe Dr. to Westminster Dr.
This section of the Northeast Trail runs between Monroe Drive and Westminster Drive. This segment, alongside Piedmont Park, will have a multi-use trail in the railroad corridor. Transit will run parallel to the trail for this mile segment. It is presently open to the public as an unpaved trail with a surface of compacted fine gravel. Updates on design and construction can be found here.

Northeast Trail, Segment 2: Westminster Dr. to Mayson St.
This segment, between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street, will feature transit parallel to the trail. It will ultimately be 1.2 miles in length and run from Westminster to Mayson Street / Plasters Avenue. A portion of the trail is paved – between Ansley Mall and the Buford Spring Connector – and the remainder is unpaved and went into construction in April 2022. Construction will include the full build-out of the multi-use trail, lighting, security cameras, and landscaping. Get the latest design and construction updates here.

Northeast Trail, Segment 3 and connecting trails: Mayson Street to MARTA Lindbergh
This segment consists of 2.4-miles of mainline trail from Buford Highway to MARTA Lindbergh Station. It will include a connection with the PATH400 trail and access points from public streets. The project will involve crossings of existing MARTA heavy rail, NSR freight rail, CSX freight rail, GDOT freeway, and Peachtree Creek. Due to the complexity of the corridor in this section, it has been divided up into the mainline trail and corresponding connecting trails (Connectors 1, 2, 3, and 4). See a map plus design and construction updates here.

Open Unpaved Trails: Rules of Use

PLEASE NOTE: Open unpaved trails have no additional lighting, no pavement, and limited points of access. Visitors can enjoy these pleasant retreats at their own risk and are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear or use a bicycle that can handle rough terrain. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is not liable for any injury or damage as a result of using these unfinished trails.