Our Role

Engaging the Community in the BeltLine Vision

In March 2021, Mayor Bottoms and the Atlanta City Council approved legislation creating the Atlanta BeltLine Special Service District (SSD) that will provide approximately $100 million towards completing the Atlanta BeltLine’s 22-mile multi-use trail loop.

Part of the legislation requires the formation of a Stakeholder Advisory Board to provide an additional layer of guidance from community stakeholders from each BeltLine Subarea, including commercial property owners, small business operators, multifamily property owners, and multifamily rental property residents.

The new advisory board will meet quarterly and is responsible for providing non-binding advice, robust analysis, and critical thinking for the utilization of the $100M Special Service District funds to complete the Atlanta BeltLine trail loop.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic insight, current knowledge, and advice;
  • Explore opportunities and problem solve;
  • Ensure transparency of how the dollars are used; and,
  • Help with trade-off analysis and other matters that require critical thinking.

The Problem  //  The Solution

The problem:
Why is there a shortage in funding for the Atlanta BeltLine?

The funding premise of the Atlanta BeltLine assumed trail would be built soon after the creation of our primary funding mechanism, the Atlanta BeltLine Tax Allocation District, or TAD, in 2005. Completed trail stimulates economic development, which leads to more funding for the project.

Several events hindered BeltLine build out in the early years:

  • Lawsuits challenging the participation of schools in a TAD,
  • Renegotiation of payments Atlanta Public Schools receives over the life of the TAD,
  • Fewer bonds issued to fund corridor construction,
  • Tax abatements, and
  • The Great Recession.

These factors created uncertainty, slowed down economic development, and reduced TAD revenue in the first decade of the BeltLine, which impacted the compound growth in funding that would have come from stimulating more TAD growth.

New sources of revenue are critical to fill the more than $1 billion funding gap BeltLine and keep our promises to deliver the BeltLine vision.

The solution:
How does SSD fill the gap?

To complete the Atlanta BeltLine trail corridor by 2030, three hundred and fifty million dollars is needed. Although the Atlanta BeltLine Tax Allocation District, or TAD, is now performing well, it will not provide the full funding required.

A Special Service District, or SSD, will help fill that funding gap. An SSD is a targeted tax district where commercial and multi-family property owners pay slightly more in property taxes to fund the completion of the Atlanta BeltLine Trail.

The TAD is on track to provide one hundred million dollars for trail construction.

The increase of two mills on some five thousand parcels in the SSD would fund an additional one hundred million dollars of improvements.

An SSD would also help unlock another one hundred million dollars in matching funds from the philanthropic community.

With three hundred million dollars of confirmed funding, it will be easier to go after federal and state funding to get the remaining fifty million dollars needed.

The SSD will not only fund the completion of the Atlanta BeltLine trails, but it will also free up TAD dollars that will be earmarked for other BeltLine initiatives that will greatly benefit the community.

Meetings & Agendas

Meeting Schedule and Summaries

Check the schedule below for specific meeting details. Once the meeting notes are approved by the committee they will be posted here.

Meeting dateLocationTypeDocumentation
1678809600March 14, 2023 4:00pm - 5:00pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
    1686672000June 13, 2023 4:00pm - 5:00pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
      1691510400August 8, 2023 4:00pm - 5:00pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
        1699977600November 14, 2023 4:00pm - 5:00pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          Past Meetings
          1668528000November 15, 2022 4:00pm - 5:30pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          1661184000August 22, 2022 4:00pm - 5:30pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          1650988800April 26, 2022 4:00pm - 5:30pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          1644926400February 15, 2022 12:00pm - 1:30pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          1637065800November 16, 2021 12:30pm - 2:00pmVirtual MeetingSSD Advisory Board
          Documents & Reports

          Get SSD Details

          Visit the SSD overview page to learn more about the benefits and impact of SSD. View resources below to stay up to date on the SSD details.

          Special Service District Estimated Budget and Expenditures

          This series of pie charts provide estimated allocations of the SSD funding for each sector of the trail along with a breakdown of funding by expenditure type.

          Special Service District Fact Sheet

          Finishing the Loop: Key Facts About the Special Service District Proposal

          Special Service District Benefits

          The Special Service District will provide many benefits, such as $50 million in additional Affordable Housing funding, 50,000 new jobs near the Atlanta BeltLine, and more.

          Trail Completion: Special Service District Plan

          The proposed timeline, by segment, of trail completion with the Special Service District proposal.


          Meet Our Members

          The Atlanta BeltLine Special Service District Advisory Board is made up of a range of stakeholders representing various communities, governing bodies, and neighborhood groups. We are very appreciative of the time and energy they generously give to help make the Atlanta BeltLine vision a reality.

          SubareaNameBusiness/Apartment NameType
          1Judy WalkerMore for Less AppliancesCommercial Property Owners & Small Business Operators
          1Adam ParkerMET Atlanta | CarterCommercial Property Owners
          2Chantell GlennPittsburgh Yards/UA Associates I LLCCommercial Property Owners
          2Moses CarrollFitSquad StudiosSmall Business Operators
          2Jeff DelpCarver Market, Community Grounds and MagnoliaCommercial Property Owners & Small Business Operators
          2Adrienne Johnson Capitol View ApartmentsMultifamily Rental Property Residents
          3Johnson Bazzel BeltLine & Boulevard | 1015 Boulevard | Middle Street PartnersMultifamily Property Owners
          3Kendi BeyahTrestletree Village Apartments Multifamily Rental Property Residents
          4Charles YoungParkside | Gateway Capitol View | 55 Milton | 982 Memorial Drive | Prestwick DevelopmentMultifamily Property Owners
          4Jetha Wagner The Wesley Townsend | 915 Glenwood Apartments | The Argos (under construction) | Avila Real EstateMultifamily Property Owners
          5Johnny MartinezGeorgia Beer GardenCommercial Property Owners & Small Business Operators
          5Julie SprinklePonce Park | AMLI ResidentialMultifamily Property Owners
          5Theresa Pringle Block Loft ApartmentsMultifamily Rental Property Residents
          6Akissi StokesWUNDERgrubs, LLCSmall Business Operators
          6Malloy Peterson Selig EnterprisesCommercial Property Owners
          7John Barton120 Ottley | 165 Ottley | 225 Ottley | 251 Armour | 255 Ottley | Northwood InvestorsCommercial Property Owners
          7Brett Duke The Atlantic Brookwood | City View Apartments | Morningside Courts | The Atlantic Loring Heights | Atlantic Pacific Real EstateMultifamily Property Owners
          8John Dwyer KEMRONSmall Business Operators
          8Krista Pittard-McMichen The Sentimentalist Bridal ShopSmall Business Operators
          8Amy KnopfPonce City Market | Westside Provisions | Southern Dairies | JamestownCommercial Property Owners
          9Beverly Dabney K&K SoulfoodCommercial Property Owners & Small Business Operators
          9 Andrew Kern Inland Tract | COMPLEX | Westside Paper | Third & UrbanCommercial Property Owners
          10Michael WilliamsEXIT Reality West MidtownCommercial Property Owners & Small Business Operators
          10Regina BaileyAshley Collegetown Apartments Multifamily Rental Property Residents