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Vendor Opportunities Overview

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.’s vision is to be the catalyst for making Atlanta a global beacon for equitable, inclusive, and sustainable city life. The Procurement Division obtains goods and services to advance the mission of the organization.

Professional Services Sought

We work to procure goods and services at the best value available, in sufficient quantities, consistent with high standards of service and quality. Most of the business opportunities offered to interested companies that are in alignment with our organizational mission are included in the following (but not limited to):

  • Design and Engineering
  • Art (and related services)
  • Professional Consulting Services
  • Construction Services
  • Economic Development
  • Property Acquisition and Management
  • Community Engagement Services
  • And more

Learn About Procurement Methods

Procurement Methods

  • Informal Quotes
  • Formal Quotes
  • Formal Bids/Proposals/Qualifications
  • Limited Competition and Special Procurement
  • Emergency, Sole Source and Public Private Partnerships (P3)

View Funding Sources

Procurement requirements may vary due to funding source.

  • Tax Allocation District (TAD)
  • Special Services District (SSD)
  • Federal
  • State of Georgia
  • Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP)
  • Other Available Sources

Register to Become an Official Vendor

You must become a registered vendor before doing business with Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. There is no cost to register. As a registered vendor, you will provide the Procurement Division with the information needed to contact you when the goods or services you provide are needed. If you have any questions about the process, contact us at

Registration Process

Registering for a New Vendor Account is very simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Account Creation
  • Create a Password
  • Account Confirmation
  • Account Information
  • Documentation
  • Commodity Codes

Business Voices

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. works with a myriad of consultants to implement the Atlanta BeltLine project. Hear from business owner’s as they share their experiences working with the BeltLine.

For Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc is committed to equity and inclusion in all procurement opportunities.


Review Available Solicitations

To do business with the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., you must be a registered vendor in our Vendor Management System, powered by Bonfire. Register Now in the New ABI Vendor Registration Portal.


The Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Procurement Division diligently works to create full, open, and fair business opportunities. Management of the Atlanta BeltLine project is very much a collaborative process.

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Vendor Resources & FAQs

Additional Resources and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.'s Process

We want to ensure that your company understands our procurement process, procedures and requirements for doing business with ABI. Please take a moment to review our procurement policies, process summary and general terms and conditions.

Process Summary Chart

The Process Summary Chart highlights minimum requirements by each dollar threshold of the ABI procurement process.

Procurement Policy

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) procures goods and contractual services to advance the mission of the organization. In pursuit of this goal, it desires to procure goods and services at the best prices available in sufficient quantities, consistent with standards of service and quality. Learn more about ABI’s procurement policy.



Looking for More Details?
Please review some the most common questions about the Procurement Process. If your specific question is not addressed here, please contact us for more information:

What goods and services does ABI utilize?

Once you register as a vendor, you will see the commodity codes that fit the type of industry that ABI typically utilize.

Why is it important to provide commodity codes on my vendor registration form?

Commodity codes allow you to tell us what types of good or/and service your firm provides. If you have supplied a current e-mail address and indicated you wish to receive e-mail notification, then it is easier for our vendor registration system to notify you when we release an opportunity based on the commodity code indicated. If you do not see a commodity code related to the good or service your firm provides, it is likely that it is a good or service that ABI does not procure.

Who is my point of contact in Procurement Services?

If you have any questions, please email:

How can I find solicitations?

Please view solicitations at the Bonfire Vendor portal. If you have registered, you will receive e-mails that notify you immediately when a solicitation is released.

How can I see the results of a solicitation?

After a contract has been executed. Allow at least (90) days for an award to be fully executed. Results will be posted in the Bonfire portal.

Can bids or proposals be faxed or emailed?

Based on a request, all bids and submission request must be submitted in Bonfire. Visit the vendor registration portal powered by Bonfire to register.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your information, login to your Bonfire Vendor profile and follow the instructions for updating vendor information.

How will I know when my registration is complete?

Complete all required fields in the Bonfire Vendor Registration portal. Attach the appropriate documentation and designate your firms’ appropriate NIGP code. Upon receipt, you should receive a confirmation email notifying you that you are now a registered ABI vendor.

Does a vendor or individual need to be registered to do business with ABI?

Yes. Visit the vendor registration portal powered by Bonfire to register. You will be directed to the online vendor registration form. Complete the entire registration form.