Connect With the Humans Behind the Project

You will likely find that many of your inquiries are addressed with our FAQs. If you do not find the information you are seeking, we invite you to reach out to us directly.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) oversees all aspects of planning, developing, and execution of the Atlanta BeltLine project.

Contact ABI for questions regarding:

(404) 477-3003 //

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP) works to raise funding and awareness for the Atlanta BeltLine project.

Contact ABP for questions regarding:

(404) 446-4404 //

Contacts for Specific Inquiries

Inquiry Name Contact Info
ABI Media & Communications Twanna Harris
Vice President of Brand Content and Strategic Initiatives, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
(404) 477-3660
ABP Media & Communications Vernessa Roberts
Director, Marketing and Communications, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
(919) 995-0264
Art on the Atlanta BeltLine Miranda Kyle
Arts & Culture Program Manager, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
(404) 477-3636
Community Engagement Community Engagement Team, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
Event Reservations –
All parks
Adrienne Wright
City of Atlanta's Office of Parks
(404) 546-7655
Event Reservations –
Historic Fourth Ward Park amphitheater only
Jasmine Salazar
Asset Management Coordinator, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
Filming & Photography Dave Pierce
Real Estate & Asset Management Director, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
(404) 477-3538
Fundraising Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
(404) 446-4404
Maintenance Issues –
Parks and Trails
(404) 546-0311
Open Records Requests Michelle Thomas
Assistant General Counsel
(404) 447-3545
Public Safety APD Path Force
(404) 546-PATH (7284)
Southside Trail-West Construction SSTWConstruction
General Questions: 678-757-4932 Emergencies: (205) 903-6460
Sponsorship & Supporter Programs Natalie Aiken
Associate Director of Development
(404) 446-4407
Tours Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
(404) 446-4410
Volunteer Program Alice Weston
Program Manager, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
(404) 446-4410