Growing Naturally in the Neighborhood

Aluma Farm at Adair Park is the Atlanta BeltLine’s first agriculture site around the 22-mile corridor. The farm is privately operated, and produce is sold locally. The site serves as the Atlanta BeltLine’s pilot for an urban agriculture program that could serve as a model for other potential sites around the corridor.

Run by Andy Friedberg and Andrea Ness, Aluma Farm operates independently offering the freshest, healthiest, and most nutrient dense produce we can grow. The farm serves to build awareness and community around farming and provide educational nutritional programming.

“The land we steward might have been just another 3.4 acres of typical development along prime Beltline property. However, the Beltline had the foresight to instead set aside an urban farm plot which has become a prime community asset! Aluma farm is a productive and beautiful green space, employing five full time positions.” – Andrea Ness, Alumna Farm Founder

Visit the Alumna Farm website to learn more.