Gordon White Park

A crowd picnics in the greenspace at Gordon White Park for an Art on the Atlanta BeltLine event.

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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Atlanta BeltLine Etiquette

The BeltLine is for Everybody.

The Atlanta BeltLine averages approximately two million users annually and we want to ensure that everyone helps foster a courteous, safe, and clean experience.

Check out our BeltLine rules of etiquette below or download our flyer. Thank you for sharing the trail!

Rules of Etiquette

Stay Alert

  • Slow down
  • Pick up your litter
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Keep children close
  • Keep your ears open
  • Keep eyes on the trail when using phones

Stay Right

  • Share the trail
  • Slower traffic stay right
  • Walk only in twos, side-by side
  • Step off the trail to talk or stop
  • Leash your pets and keep them close

Ride Safely

  • Pass on the left
  • Call “left” or ring your bell when passing
  • Step off the trail to stop
  • Park scooters and other e-devices off of the trails

Watch this video and review the courtesy basics below! Special thanks to Dad’s Garage, Madison James, and the Path Force Unit for participating in the video.


Help Spread #beltlinecharm!

The etiquette campaign reminds trail users how to keep the Atlanta BeltLine fun and enjoyable for everyone. You may spot #beltlinecharm signs out on the trail!

Periodically, we will call for volunteers to join us in spreading the etiquette message by holding signs on the trails with fun, simple reminders! 

We will post these and other upcoming volunteer opportunities on our event calendar.

Take a peek at our etiquette signs.
Take them with you!

Download our handy etiquette flyer here and take the courtesy basics with you!

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Report a Fix



See a maintenance issue on the trail that needs attention? Call the “fix it line” at:

(404) 477-3687
(If possible, take a photo and send it to us.)



Atlanta Police Department asks everyone to be mindful of their personal safety and surroundings at all times. Please call 911 to report suspicious activity!

Trail Rules

Official Trail Rules

A special division of the Atlanta Police Department, the Path Force Unit, patrols Atlanta BeltLine trails and parks during open hours: 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. every day.

Signs are posted at trail entrances with the following trail rules:

  • Report illegal activities to 911
  • Place all litter and recycling in receptacles
  • All pets must be on a leash; pick up after your pet
  • No horses are allowed at any time
  • No motorized vehicles allowed (except for wheelchairs); please note that City Council passed an ordinance in January 2019 authorizing the use of e-scooters on the Atlanta BeltLine
  • No tents or canopies allowed, except by special permit
  • No equipment that calls for independent power, except by special permit
  • Games and activities that could harm the landscaped area are prohibited
  • No glass containers allowed
  • No amplified music allowed, except by special permit
  • No selling of food or other items, except by special permit
  • No alcoholic beverages, except by special permit
  • Absolutely no drugs or illegal substances allowed