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Interim Hiking Trails

Interim Hiking Trails — Our Unpolished Gems

As part of the emerging Atlanta BeltLine trail system, interim hiking trails first became accessible to the public in the spring of 2010 for the inaugural season of Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. The hiking trails are accessible to the public in their unfinished state until funding is available to build out these sections of the corridor. Please note that visitors must follow the rules of use.

Unlike the five open, multi-use trails (Westside Trail, Eastside Trail, West End Trail, Northside Trail, and the Southwest Connector Spur Trail), the interim hiking trails are more like unpolished gems. As of the end of 2017, the Atlanta BeltLine has three interim hiking trails where construction has taken place in these corridors since the railroads ceased operations. Call it the Atlanta BeltLine in its natural state. Check our interactive map at for access points to these trails.

Eastside Hiking Trail Northern Extension

This section starts across Monroe Drive from the Eastside Trail just north of the Park Tavern parking lot. This is a rough and bumpy stretch over compacted railroad gravel and dirt. It goes underneath Park Drive and alongside the dog park. After crossing the driveway to the Piedmont Park parking deck, there is a continuous trek free of road crossings, behind Ansley Mall, all the way up to the bridge that is Montgomery Ferry Drive. Beyond that point, semi-active rail reappears and marks the end of our interim hiking trail at this time. In 2017, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. purchased 13 acres containing 0.25 miles of future trail that will ultimately connect the Eastside Trail to the Armour-Ottley area and south Buckhead.

This walk totals 1.4 miles and parking is available in Park Tavern’s paid parking lot and the Piedmont Park parking deck.

Eastside Hiking Trail Southern Extension

The first phase of the Eastside Trail’s southern extension is paved and open! The second phase – between Kirkwood Avenue and Memorial Drive – will go into construction in 2018. At that time, it will be an active construction site and closed to the public. Stay tuned to our blog and the Eastside Trail page for construction progress.

Westside Trail

While the 3-mile Westside Trail is complete, it leaves the railroad corridor to overlap with the West End Trail for a half-mile (read more here about navigating the Westside Trail). If you opt to follow the old railroad corridor in this area instead of the West End Trail, the trail is unpaved behind the northwestern half of what we call “Warehouse Row.” Transit will eventually be built along this stretch, but it is too narrow to accommodate both trail and transit in its current configuration. With a distance of just over a half-mile and no real access points, the decision was made to divert cyclists and pedestrians to the West End Trail until transit is built. The interim hiking trail will remain – please exercise caution. 

Interim Hiking Trails: Rules of Use

The Interim Hiking Tails have no additional lighting, no pavement and limited points of access. Visitors can enjoy these pleasant retreats at their own risk and are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear or use a bicycle that can handle rough terrain. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is not liable for any injury or damage as a result of using these unfinished trails.


Be Smart. Do Your Part.

The Atlanta BeltLine is growing in popularity every day. With thousands of people sharing this public space, it is important that we all follow basic rules of etiquette to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience! Have fun on the Atlanta BeltLine!

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