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Urban Farm

Welcome to the Atlanta BeltLine's First Urban Farm!

Aluma Farm at Adair Park is the Atlanta BeltLine's first agriculture site around the 22-mile corridor. The farm is privately operated, and produce is sold locally. The site serves as the Atlanta BeltLine's pilot for an urban agriculture program that could serve as a model for other potential sites around the corridor.

Growing the Neighborhood

Located directly on the Westside Trail between Allene Avenue and University Avenue, Aluma Farm helps supply fresh produce to neighborhoods with limited options for groceries. The farm also exists with the ultimate goal of running educational nutritional programming for the area and becoming a source for neighborhood engagement.

The farm sells produce seasonally on site and at Ponce City Market. As the official operator of the Atlanta BeltLine Urban Farm at Allene Avenue, Aluma Farm’s website has updates throughout the year.



Reclaiming the Land

The site on which the farm sits was once home to two industrial manufacturing facilities. Abandoned and with no interim use, the existing buildings were demolished and underground storage tanks were removed. The site was in need of extensive remediation in order to clean the soil and bring it to a condition suitable for growing. With the site prepared, rain gardens, bio swales, and drainage systems were built, and a cover crop was established to begin to nurture the once infertile ground.

A Team Effort

Atlanta BeltLine projects and programs can only happen with the help of partners and supporters at all levels, and this urban farm was no exception. Remediation and construction of the site was funded by Southern Company Five Star program through their National Fish and Wildlife Foundation partnership. On Earth Day in 2012, volunteers came out to help remove invasive plants, litter, and building debris from the site to clear the way for the urban farm. The farm couldn’t have become a reality without the support of the Adair Park, Capitol View, and Oakland City neighborhoods.

A Sustainable Focus

In 2017, the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) granted the City of Atlanta a $50,000 rebate on solar panels for a Aluma Farm’s shed, which will be used in farm operations. The panels will generate 2.8 kilowatts of solar energy using photovoltaic technology, allowing Aluma Farm to operate “off-grid.”

Urban Agriculture

Aluma Farm at Adair Park is the first of what could be many Atlanta BeltLine urban agriculture sites.

Meet the crew

In 2015, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. inked an agreement to lease the urban farm land to Aluma Farm. Run by Andy Friedberg and Andrea Ness, Aluma Farm operates independently to grow the produce that is sold at a farm stand on site and at local farmer's markets in Atlanta. Learn more about the team behind the farm here.

  • The drainage system at the farm addresses stormwater runoff.
  • The Urban Farm was once a contaminated site plagued by erosion and depleted soil. The land has since been remediated, and a cover crop established
  • The farmers intend to use sustainable methods to grow the most healthiest, nutrient-rich produce so they can provide the best quality food to the community.

For more information, please contact:

Meghan Injaychock
Landscape Architect,
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.