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The Atlanta BeltLine

Where Atlanta Comes Together. Learn more

  • Paving Pathways
    of Opportunity

    Pictured: Grand Opening – West End Trail // Learn more

  • Joining Forces to
    Keep You Engaged

    Pictured: Mayor Kasim Reed at Historic Fourth Ward Park's Grand Opening // Learn more

  • Sharing Our Progress
    and Success

    Pictured: March 2012 Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing // Learn more

What has gone into creating the Atlanta BeltLine? More baby steps than even we can believe. The Progress details within this section are the nuts and bolts of how far we have come to date in realizing our 25 year goals for this project. We are seven years in and there is certainly tangible progress to share! Here you’ll find detailed quarterly reports, informative timelines and initiative milestones.
We have tangible progress to boast dating back to 1999 when the idea for the Atlanta BeltLine was just that - 'an idea!' The ins and outs of how it became a reality begin with the project's infancy as a graduate student's thesis and move into the tangible strides our city officials and many very devoted activists took to bring it to life. Take time to review how far we've come and celebrate new milestones with us as our journey continues. Learn more
We invite you to read our past quarterly reports and to visit this section regularly to follow our milestones as we charge forward and continue with new progress and successes each and every month! Learn more
Read up on the latest project updates and find out what the latest is on the Atlanta BeltLine in your neighborhood! Learn more
Significant redevelopment along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor will continue to generate growth and create jobs, particularly in areas that have been historically underdeveloped. Large sections of the Atlanta BeltLine traverse industrial areas and parcels on under-utilized land. Cleanup in these areas will bring about revitalization and renewed economic opportunity. Since 2005, there has been more than $1 billion in private investment in the Atlanta BeltLine Tax Allocation District. Learn more
Growing the Neighborhood Located directly on the Westside Trail between Allene Avenue and University Avenue, Aluma Farm helps supply fresh produce to neighborhoods with limited options for groceries. The farm also exists with the ultimate goal of running educational nutritional programming for the area and becoming a source for neighborhood engagement. The farm sells produce seasonally on […] Learn more