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Implementation Plan

What's Next? Atlanta BeltLine Strategic Implementation Plan

In December 2013, the Atlanta BeltLine adopted the 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan to guide the project’s development over the next 17 years.

On December 11, 2013, ABI’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the Atlanta BeltLine 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), which will guide the citywide transportation and redevelopment program through its completion. The first seven years of the program generated a roughly 3:1 return on investment, with more than $1 billion in private redevelopment spurred by roughly $350 million of investment. The SIP expects to equal or exceed this return on investment as the economy continues to improve in the coming years.

Download the full Atlanta Beltline 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan. You may also download the Strategic Implementation Plan powerpoint presentation.

The SIP divides implementation into three periods of projects. For the next five years, Period 1, the SIP includes the following project priorities:

  1. Securing rights to the remaining right-of-way to complete the 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine loop;
  2. Completing the southern half of the Westside Trail and commencing construction on the Southeast Trail;
  3. Constructing Boulevard Crossing Phase II, Enota and Murphy Crossing Parks;
  4. Initiating the first phase of Westside Reservoir Park including the passive-use park space; and
  5. Constructing streetcar/light-rail transit on the East and West sides of the Atlanta BeltLine.

The SIP builds on all of the previous work to date from Ryan Gravel’s original 1999 thesis to the 10 subarea master plans and the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement.

2030 Strategic Implementation Plan

View the final report online or download the full Atlanta Beltline 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan.