Adjacent businesses such as Ponce City Market have welcomed Atlanta BeltLine traffic by opening access points directly from the trail.

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The Atlanta BeltLine

Where Atlanta Comes Together. Learn more


Bringing Atlanta’s Neighborhoods Together

Atlanta has a rich history dating back before the Civil War, and it has undergone many changes in that time. Neighborhoods all around the city have blossomed, matured, and evolved, and together they have woven a patchwork dynamic that reflects the many different evolutions of the city.

Some neighborhoods have continued to prosper with time, while others have fallen into disrepair. New development, new roads, and new realities have altered some neighborhoods, while others have remained virtually unchanged for decades. Obstacles, both natural and manmade, have created barriers separating many of these neighborhoods, and the result is a curious hodgepodge lacking a common thread — until now.

The Atlanta BeltLine is changing the core dynamic of our city, bringing all of these disparate neighborhoods together under one vision that will transform these separate entities into one cohesive community, while still maintaining the individual character of each. The Atlanta BeltLine offers an opportunity to bridge gaps (literal and figurative), and unite the City of Atlanta in a way never before possible.

Atlanta BeltLine Neighborhoods Map

Visit the Atlanta BeltLine

45 neighborhoods – one Atlanta BeltLine community. See how the neighborhoods are connected by taking a walk on a trail, taking a tour or visiting a park.

Atlanta BeltLine Neighborhoods

Subarea 1: Abernathy-Cascade

  • West End
  • Westview

Subarea 2: Heritage Communities of South Atlanta

  • Adair Park
  • Capitol View
  • Capitol View Manor
  • High Point Estates
  • Oakland City
  • Mechanicsville
  • Peoplestown
  • Pittsburgh
  • Sylvan Hills
  • The Villages at Carver
  • Westview

Subarea 3: Boulevard Crossing

  • Beulah Heights
  • Boulevard Heights
  • Chosewood Park
  • Englewood Manor
  • Grant Park
  • Ormewood Park

Subarea 4: Memorial-Glenwood

  • Cabbagetown
  • Glenwood Park
  • Grant Park
  • Ormewood Park
  • Reynoldstown

Subarea 5: Freedom Parkway

  • Inman Park
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Poncey-Highland
  • Sweet Auburn

Subarea 6: Monroe-Piedmont

  • Ansley Park
  • Midtown
  • Morningside
  • Piedmont Heights
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Virginia Highland

Subarea 7: Northside-Peachtree-Piedmont

  • Ardmore
  • Brookwood / Brookwood Hills
  • Buckhead
  • Collier Hills
  • Lindbergh / Lindbergh City Center
  • Lindridge / Martin Manor
  • Peachtree Hills

Subarea 8: Upper Westside-Northside

  • Atlantic Station
  • Berkeley Park
  • Blandtown
  • Channing Valley
  • Home Park
  • Loring Heights
  • Marietta Street Artery

Subarea 9: Upper Marietta-Westside Park

  • Grove Park
  • Howell Station
  • Knight Park
  • Marietta Street Artery
  • Rockdale

Subarea 10: Boone-Hollowell

  • Ashview Heights
  • Bankhead
  • Hunter Hills
  • Just Us
  • Mozley Park
  • Washington Park
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