Earth Day Clean-Up 2012

Hundreds of dedicated volunteers came out for Earth Day Clean-Up 2012 to clear the way for the Atlanta BeltLine Urban Farm in southwest Atlanta.

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Organic Land Care Symposium

Atlanta BeltLine’s Organic Land Care Symposium scheduled for Fall 2014!

Please stay tuned for details as we welcome regional and national experts to describe the benefits of an organic approach to managing open spaces.


Every year, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. hosts the Organic Land Care Symposium. This all-day event includes your choice of two educational sessions in the morning, a speakers’ roundtable, your choice of an afternoon session, and an address from our keynote speaker. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks will be provided and are included in the cost of admission. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with fellow land care professionals with a variety of backgrounds. Our knowledgeable speakers are available throughout the day for questions and impactful dialogue.

2014 Registration

The fourth annual Organic Land Care Symposium will be held on August 25, 2014 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Early registration is now open and will and run through August 10. After that date, regular registration will remain open until the day of the event.

Register now on eventbrite.

Speaker List

Keynote presentation: Understanding soil biology in the plant world
Keynote speaker: Paul Wagner, President NY Soil Food Web
This presentation will cover the basics of soil biology, how the microbes interact with plants and the roles soil organisms play in keeping plants healthy.

Session topic: From Grassroots to Mainstream: A look at the evolution of Compost Tea into Liquid Biological Amendment
Session description: This presentation will take a look at how compost tea/liquid biological amendment has become a viable, dependable tool for organic land care managers and stewards.

Session topic: Organic Land Care: The Drivers, Solutions, & Realities
Session speaker: Chip Osborne- Osborne Organics
This presentation will address different aspects of the organic question. We will explore the idea of what organic land care is and how we approach developing overall protocols to carry out these concepts. It is important to be aware of what is driving this growing interest in alternative management strategies. Organic land care is solution oriented with the goal of creating and maintaining high quality landscapes that are both appropriately functional and aesthetically pleasing. As a wrap-up, this will be framed in a discussion of the realities of these alternative strategies and how they play out in the real world.

Session topic: Organic Soil Amendments and Fertilizers; Product Development, Applicability, and Regulatory Compliance
Session moderator: Spence Rosenfeld of Arborguard
Session speakers:

  • Ron Danise, Owner and President of Southern Organics
  • Robin Ross, Market Development Scientist, Plant Science Division at Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL)
  • Tradd Cotter, Mycologist

The environmental consequences of using traditional fertilizers and the benefits of sustainable organic land care practices are well documented. Find out how organic products are currently being developed, tested, labeled, and certified, and what may be developing with regulation and how it could affect product options in the future. Discussion will include the process of obtaining OMRI Certification and an overview of EPA involvement in monitoring organic product source materials. Practical solutions to protect and rebuild soil integrity will be presented along with an in depth review of currently available organic soil amendment product options.

Session topic: Connecting the Pieces of the Green Puzzle of Dynamic Living Landscapes
Session speaker: James Sotillo, Environmental Land Management
This year I focus on the St. Louis Arch renovation and the soil and turf trials we completed on the National Park Grounds under the Arch.  We compared Topdressing with compost, compost tea and topdressing and compost tea together.  The results you might find really interesting. I will also tie in some information from other projects such as Governors Island on nursery tree management and will compare data of ecto and endo mycorrhyza inoculants on trees.

Session topic: Compost Tea: Site Specific  & Goal Oriented
Session speaker: Allan Streiff, Authentic Soil Regeneration
This session will cover making  and applying sight specific, goal-oriented, active, aerated compost tea.

Session topic: Water Extremes and Design Alchemy
Session speakers: Experts from the Atlanta Botanical Garden:

  • Kathryn Moomaw, Senior Horticulturist
  • Beth Perdue Owen,Senior Horticulturist
  • Valerie VanSweden, Curator, Aquatic Plant Collection

Plants that turn too wet or too dry sites into landscape gold.  Ideas to transform problem areas; with an emphasis on plant selections that thrive in parched or saturated situations.

Session topic: Native Grasses and Forbs for Urban Landscapes
Session speaker: Walter Bland, Rock Springs Farm
A review of desirable native species and their cultural requirements, meadow establishment practices, long-term maintenance requirements, etc.

Read about the 2013 Organic Land Care Symposium and view the photo gallery. You can also check out the 2012 Organic Land Care Symposium and view that full photo gallery.

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