Connecting People & Progress

The Atlanta BeltLine is a unique and ambitious public project that aims to connect 45 neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta through trails, transit, greenspace, economic development, and housing. Affordable housing is a critical component the program.


Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has a goal to create or preserve 5,600 units of affordable and workforce housing by 2030.

Housing Accomplishments

Between 2006 and April 2022, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has achieved:

  • 3,100 affordable units in TAD supported by ABI, Invest Atlanta, Atlanta Housing Authority, Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs, City of Atlanta, and/or Development Authority of Fulton County.
  • 1,655 affordable units in Planning Area (outside the TAD and within 0.5 miles of the Atlanta BeltLine) supported by ABI, Invest Atlanta, Atlanta Housing Authority, Dept. of Community Affairs, and Development Authority of Fulton County.

Together, these units represent 4,755 affordable homes within walking distance of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Affordable Housing Pipeline

As of May 7, 2021, 915 affordable units are in the publicly announced pipeline. This means the units have anticipated closing dates, but have not yet gone into development. As they close, the units shift to be counted under affordable units created or preserved as noted above.

Our Partners

Affordable housing along the Atlanta BeltLine is a shared effort and is only possible with the help of partners.