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Affordable Housing

Ensuring Homes are Available to All

Access to equitable and inclusive housing opportunities is a cornerstone of the Atlanta Beltline vision. We're committed to creating or preserving 5,600 affordable housing units to allow residents of all income levels to share in the benefits and enhanced quality of life offered by the Beltline.

All 182 units at Parkside are dedicated to affordable housing. (Photo Credit: The Sintoses)

Affordable Housing

Resources & Programs

Because the Atlanta Beltline is not a housing agency, we rely on partnerships to create and preserve affordable housing within the Beltline Tax Allocation District (TAD). The content below is intended to connect residents with available resources.


Interested in renting along the Atlanta Beltline? Explore our affordable housing dashboard to find developments within the Atlanta Beltline Tax Allocation District (TAD) and the Atlanta Beltline Planning Area (BPA), and get contact information for apartments that have affordable units.


Atlanta Beltline, Inc. and its public agency partners are committed to securing quality affordable housing for everyone who wants to live in our city. Check out downpayment assistance programs, Atlanta Housing homeownership programs, and more.

Existing Residents

Between Home Empowerment Workshops, our Legacy Resident Retention Program, and more, we're working to help make living along the Atlanta Beltline affordable for existing residents.

Developers & Investors

The Atlanta Beltline offers the perfect avenue for developers to have a major role in reshaping Atlanta’s future growth in a meaningful way.

Strategic Land Acquisition

Empowering Equitable Development

In an effort to preserve more land for residential and commercial affordability, Atlanta Beltline, Inc. (ABI) has purchased 85+ acres of land around the corridor. Current projects include:

Bird's eye view of the Southside Trail, a large parcel of land, and several trees with the skyline in the distance.

Area Median Income (AMI) Explained

How Affordable Housing is Defined

Learn more about how housing affordability is calculated and how Area Median Income is used to see who qualifies for affordable housing options.


Affordable Housing

What does the Atlanta Beltline do to build affordable housing?
How does the Beltline define affordability?
Where did the number of 5,600 affordable housing units come from?
How can I stay in my home on the Atlanta Beltline?

Our Partners

Affordable housing along the Atlanta Beltline is a shared effort and made possible with the help of the following partners.

Meet our Affordable Housing Team

Dennis Richards

Vice President of Housing Policy & Development

Atlanta Beltline, Inc.

Affordable Housing

Chelsea Arkin

Senior Housing Policy and Development Manager

Atlanta Beltline, Inc.

Affordable Housing

Learn More About

Real Estate Opportunities

Interested in learning more about creating and preserving affordable housing, commercial affordability, and economic growth around the Atlanta Beltline corridor? Visit the Real Estate Opportunities page to discover additional opportunities and incentives.