Atlanta BeltLine Design and Construction Updates: January 2021

Below you will find recent updates and photos of each of our Atlanta BeltLine projects in construction or design along with links to get more general information about each project. These projects play a pivotal role in furthering the Atlanta Beltline vision to be the catalyst for making Atlanta a global beacon for equitable, inclusive, and sustainable city life. 

All upcoming and past public meetings (still being held virtually) can be found at Our first Quarterly Briefing of 2021, with updates on all programmatic elements and a focus on the proposed Special Service District (SSD), will be held on February 18, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook with a phone call-in option. Click here to catch up on December’s updates.

Atlanta BeltLine design and construction progress map November 2020
Atlanta BeltLine design and construction progress map

Special Service District (SSD)

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership are seeking to create a Special Service District (SSD), in which commercial and multi-family property owners in the Atlanta BeltLine Planning Area invest in its construction through a slight increase in the millage rate. If approved by Atlanta City Council, this can provide critical funding towards the approximately $350 million needed to complete the BeltLine mainline trail by 2030. Completion of the trail will spur development that will generate new TAD funding and allow ABI to allocate $50 million in additional affordable housing funds, $12.5 million towards a community retention fund, create 50,000 permanent jobs (20,000 more than originally projected), up to $150 million in construction funding allocated to minority-owned contractors, and $7 million in additional support for small businesses. More information can be found on

Northeast Trail

  • Northeast Trail – Segment 2 (NET Central):This portion of the paved, multi-use trail is slated for completion in mid-February 2021. Design documents for Phase II of this section are nearly complete.  Phase II will fully complete 1.2 miles of the multi-use trail between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street.

  • Northeast Trail – Segments 3 – 6 (NET North): ABI is revisiting the previously preferred alternative for the trail alignment at the intersection with the active Norfolk Southern Railroad (NSR) line near the Armour Ottley district. The previously preferred alternative was presented to the community in May and at a concept meeting with GDOT in July. NSR notified ABI that the alignment passed through a pinch-point that would be too tight to accommodate trail and that it would need to identify an alternative route. ABI has executed a Preliminary Engineering agreement (PE) with NSR to continue discussions around this important connection between the Buford Spring Connector (near Mayson Street) and Lindbergh MARTA station.
  • Details on each Northeast Trail segment can be found in our design and construction updates section: Segment 1Segment 2Segments 3-6.

Eastside Trail

  • New solar LED pathway lights will be installed in the trails at significant at-grade intersections along the Eastside and Westside Trails. The low profile blinking red lights will alert trail users to the intersection ahead. View our informational video. They will be installed in early February, depending upon temperature.

Southside Trail

  • Southside Trail Segment 1: Construction is still slated to be complete along this 0.8-mile section by summer 2021.

  • United Avenue Bridge: A contract has been executed for fabrication and installation of a new bridge across United Avenue. It will take three to four months to complete the bridge project including design, permitting, fabrication and installation. The actual installation of the bridge is expected to take 2-3 days. Please see this blog post for detour options that do not require stairs.
  • Southside Trail – Segments 2, 3, 4, 5: The design for these segments is approaching 90% complete. The 90% engineering drawings will be under review starting In February for final comments to allow the drawings to progress to 100% complete.
  • Details on each Southside Trail segment can be found in our design and construction updates section: Segment 1 (West Segment) and Segments 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Bill Kennedy Way

  • GDOT permits are now in hand to begin Phase 2, which includes completing safety improvements on the bridge over I-20. Work is expected to start in February and be complete in March, pending the availability of guard railing materials, which must be approved by GDOT and then manufactured.
Bill Kennedy Way safety improvements
Concrete planters have been installed as part of the Bill Kennedy Way safety improvements. January 28, 2021.

Westside Trail

  • As mentioned above under the Eastside Trail, new solar LED pathway lights will be installed in the trails at significant at-grade intersections along the Eastside and Westside Trails. Here’s a link to our informational video.
  • Westside Trail – Segment 4: This northern extension of the Westside Trail will run from the current terminus of the Westside Trail at Washington Park to the Westside BeltLine Connector which is just north of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. ABI continues to work with the design team (Alta) and meet with stakeholders, including ATLDOT, MARTA, DWM, Washington Park Conservancy, private developers, and surrounding neighbors.
  • Holderness space: The final piece – a ramp – will be constructed the first week of February. Then, work will be complete on the paved access point and greenspace refurbishment between the Westside Trail and the Ashview Heights neighborhood.
  • Details on each Westside Trail segment can be found in our design and construction updates section: Segment 3 and Segment 4.

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Westside BeltLine Connector

  • The PATH Foundation is in the final stages of this 1.6-mile multi-use trail between Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Law Street. An official opening is anticipated in February.
  • Westside Mainline Trail – Segment 4: PATH has contracted with ASTRA Group and expects to start work on Segment 3 in February with a 10–12-month completion schedule. This segment is 1.2 miles long and runs from Brawley to Huff Road, utilizing Marietta Boulevard right of way.
  • General Westside BeltLine Connector info and a photo gallery can be found at:

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  1. Is this going to incorporate habitat restoration for wildlife? Plants and trees that attract a variety of life that creates a natural balance could be designed into the landscape. Is there room for a fruit tree initiative for communities willing to commit to their care?

    1. Hi Frank, our landscaping takes great care to incorporate habitat restoration. We have steered away from planting in the past since, as you noted, they require a lot of maintenance. Thanks! ~Jenny

  2. how on earth did it take you this long to try and institute an SSD. this should have been done before construction started.

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