Northeast Trail – Segment 2

Westminster Drive to Mayson Street // Subarea 6

Northeast Trail – Segment 2 opened in November 2023 and is 1.2 miles in length between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street / Plasters Avenue.

Project Status

This trail is open to the public with follow-on projects and punch list work underway. Construction is wrapping up for a connecting sidewalk at the north end of the trail at Mayson Street including the addition of a small connecting bicycle ramp. Selig Enterprises, owner of Ansley Mall, is in progress on a bridge connecting the rear of their retail stores to the trail. Selig will set the opening date for the connecting bridge, which will likely be in the summer.

Project Timeline

September 2019
Phase I - LDP Issued from COA + Construction Start
April 2021
Phase I complete in conjunction with Georgia Power. Trail opened in an advanced interim state.
September - October 2021
Gravel installation along unpaved path
February 2022
Bids received for Phase II construction
June 2022
Trail closed down between Westminster Drive and Ansley Mall for construction
November 2023
Construction work complete
April 2024
Landscaping anticipated to be complete

Last Updated: April 1, 2024