Northeast Trail – Segment 2 (Central / Hairpin)

Clear Creek to Buford Highway; Subarea 6 // Subarea 6

Segment 2, Phase I work is now complete and the paved trail is open to the public in an advanced interim state. Phase II of this section of trail will ultimately be 1.2 miles in length in total when complete and run from Westminster to Mayson Street / Plasters Avenue connection. Phase II work will include a landscaping, lighting and security camera package for the full 1.2 mile length of this segment.

Phase I, which included trail design and construction between Clear Creek/ Ansley Mall and the Buford Spring Connector, was executed under an agreement with Georgia Power for work within the Georgia Power Transmission line easement. The Phase I construction contract was held by Georgia Power and included all trail construction for 0.68 miles, excluding lighting, cameras, and landscaping.

Project Status

  • Phase II: the complete drawings are expected to be ready to bid for construction by fall to extend Phase I for the full 1.2 miles between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street and to build out the remaining elements of Phase I (lighting, security cameras, and landscaping). This work will proceed to construction once SSD funding is finalized.
  • ABI plans to install additional gravel – 14 feet wide – on the unpaved Northeast Trail from Monroe Drive to the newly paved portion of Segment 2. This project is being made possible through a generous contribution from the Speedwell Foundation.
  • ABI is currently executing an agreement with the selected contractor. We are targeting a mid-summer start and construction is expected to take approximately 30 days. Trail closures are expected while the contractor is installing the gravel.

Project Timeline

September 2019
Phase I - LDP Issued from COA + Construction Start
January 2021
Phase II Permitting Start – Remaining Work (GDOT encroachment for Buford + COA permits needed)
April 2021
Phase I complete. Trail opened in an advanced interim state.
Phase II Bid Advertisement – Remaining Work (contingent upon construction funding availability)
Mid-summer 2021
Installation of additional gravel

Last Updated: July 2, 2021