Southside Trail – Segment 1 (West Segment)

Terminus of Westside Trail at Allene Ave to Pittsburgh Yards // Subarea 2

Southside Trail – Segment 1, also called Southside Trail West, is the first of five segments of the Southside Trail to undergo construction in a phased approach. Approximately one mile long, Southside Trail – Segment 1 runs from the southern terminus of the Westside Trail at University Avenue to the Annie E. Casey Foundation site at Pittsburgh Yards, just west of the I-75/85 overpass. Once complete, it will connect three open and emerging job centers – Pittsburgh Yards, Murphy Crossing, and Lee + White.

Southside Trail – Segment 1 is currently closed for construction. Construction will include a 14-foot-wide concrete trail; ADA access at Allene Avenue and Metropolitan Parkway with appropriate crosswalks and signalization; ADA access at Pittsburgh Yards and to Capital View Manor; a new pedestrian bridge over Metropolitan Parkway; environmental remediation of the corridor; lights; security cameras; stainless steel handrails; utility relocations; storm water drainage; retention walls; and full landscaping.

Project Status

  • Completed Activities:
    • Duct-bank installation
    • Installation of new pedestrian bridge over Metropolitan Parkway
    • Majority of concrete pouring
  • Upcoming Activities:
    • Complete concrete work for trail
    • Lighting and security cameras
    • Landscaping to be installed by Trees Atlanta after trail is complete

Project Timeline

January 2020
Groundbreaking Ceremony
February 2020
Pre-construction activities
June 2020
Construction Start
Late Summer 2021
Construction Complete

Last Updated: May 7, 2021