Southside Trail – Segments 2, 3, 4, 5

I-75 Underpass to Bill Kennedy Way // Subarea 2, 3

The project includes the design of a 14 foot wide concrete multi-use path and extending approximately 3.1 miles from the I-75 underpass to the end of the interim Southside trail at Bill Kennedy Way. Additional site elements included planting, lighting, retaining walls, vertical connections to adjoining streets, storm drainage, signage/wayfinding, and the replacement and rehabilitation of several bridges. The design also included streetscape/accessibility improvements on all intersecting streets extending from the Corridor to the nearest intersection or one-quarter mile, whichever was closest.

Project Status

  • The Southside Trail has project has been broken into five segments.
  • Segment 1, is known as Southside Trail West project and is currently under construction.
  • With the passage of the Special Service District (SSD), the remaining phases of the Southside Trail will be moving into construction procurement, followed by construction mobilization in 2022 / 2023.
  • The 90% engineering drawings are complete. In order to bring the drawings to 100% complete, review comments and budget evaluation will be ongoing for the next few months.
  • Work on Segments 4 and 5 (between Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue) is expected to be bid in the summer of 2021, with construction mobilizing in early 2022. Segments 2 and 3 (between Pittsburgh Yards and Boulevard) will follow as these segments include federal funding. The current bid date for Segments 2 and 3 is expected in fall of 2022.
  • Once construction funding is identified, ABI will need to permit the work, and advertise and contract with a contractor before construction can commence.
  • Early preparatory projects will include the relocation of utilities in the corridor, and soil remediation work. Targeting July 2021 for this work to start.


Project Timeline

February 2021
Design 90% Complete
July 2021
Tentative Start Date: Utility Relocation Work, Remediation Work
Fall 2021
Permitting / Design 100% Complete