Westside Trail – Segment 4

Lena Street (existing Westside Trail terminus) to Law Street (tying into the Westside BeltLine Connector); Subareas 9 and 10 // Subarea 9, 10

The northern extension of the Westside Trail, also called Westside Trail – Segment 4, begins at the existing Westside Trail terminus at Lena Street and extends north to Law Street where the trail will tie into Westside Trail – Segment 3 and the Westside BeltLine Connector. This segment of the corridor is approximately 1.3 miles in length. The project includes the design of a 14’ wide concrete multi-use path including planting, fiber duct bank, retaining walls, vertical connections to adjoining streets, stainless steel handrails/guardrails, storm drainage and management (with a focus on green infrastructure), environmental remediation, lighting, and security cameras.

Project Status

In October, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) published an Invitation to Bid for construction firms to build out the final segment of the Westside Trail.

Project Timeline

July 2020
Design contract execution
August 2020
Design start
October 2022
Invitation to Bid published to hire construction firm
Early 2023
Construction start

Last Updated: October 31, 2022