22 miles of Pedestrian-Friendly Rail Transit

Creating better connectivity through improved transit was a central element of Ryan Gravel’s thesis in 1999, and it has remained a core component of the Atlanta BeltLine ever since. New transit services play a major role in realizing the vision of linking neighborhoods, bringing people together, and taking them where they want to go. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. continues to work collaboratively with the City of Atlanta, MARTA and other partners to advance transit on the Atlanta BeltLine and throughout the city.

ABI is fully committed to rail transit on the Atlanta BeltLine. The BeltLine will work with its partners to bring transit to segments of the 22-mile BeltLine loop, with five crosstown connector corridors integrated with MARTA. In addition, over 40 miles of safer streets and improved pedestrian facilities will connect nearby neighborhoods with the BeltLine loop. In total, the More MARTA program anticipates a $1.2 billion allocation for BeltLine rail expansion.

Below, our timeline illustrates where we’ve been, and where we are going. Please hover over each individual icon in the graphic for more details.