Getting Your Steps in Atlanta BeltLine-Style

We’ve all been there: It’s halfway through the day and you realize you’ve spent most of it sitting down (maybe you’ve even received a few “you can do it” messages from your fitness tracker). You want to get moving and get your daily step count up, but you’re not sure where – or how – to do it in a way that’s actually enjoyable. 

Thankfully, the Atlanta BeltLine corridor is the perfect place to get your blood flowing and log the CDC-recommended 10,000 daily steps. Here are a few of the best ways to get your daily steps in BeltLine-style. 

Take a Walk Around Atlanta’s Largest Greenspace
Opened in the summer of 2021, Westside Park is a 280-acre greenspace surrounded by the neighborhoods of West Highlands, Knight Park, Howell Station, Bankhead, Grove Park, Rockdale, Hills Park, and Blandtown.  

The former quarry space has over five miles of paved trails to choose from, including ones that run along the park’s central reservoir and the former quarry’s scenic cliffs. The park also has two covered pavilions, public restrooms, and a playground, making it the perfect place to get the family together for a walk. 


Explore the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum with Trees Atlanta
Did you know the Atlanta BeltLine is home to over 9,000 recorded plants and over 500,000 non-accessioned grasses, vines, and wildflowers? Get in your steps – and learn about the linear greenspace our friends at Trees Atlanta are building along the corridor – during one of their walking tours! 

These free tours are offered on the Eastside, Westside, Northeast, and Southside Trails and each offer a unique perspective on the trees, plants, architecture, and historical sites found along the BeltLine. To reserve a spot on an upcoming walking tour, click here 

Capture Memories at the BeltLine’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots
Whether you’re walking the Eastside Trail to check out the art at Krog Tunnel, the Northside Trail for a selfie by the serene creeks, the Southside Trail for a trip to D.H. Stanton Park, or the Westside Trail to check out the murals at Lee + White, the BeltLine is the perfect place to capture memories while also getting in your steps.  

Pro tip: Don’t forget to tag @AtlantaBeltLine in your selfies so we can reshare them on our channels! 

Join Other Atlantans for Group Fitness
Everything is better with friends, and the same goes for getting in your steps. Joining others for group fitness on the trail is the best way to stay motivated and focused on your health goals. That can mean taking an afternoon stroll with friends, signing up for our December Race Series and Run Club, or challenging yourself by signing up for The Race, a half-marathon weekend event that travels through Atlanta’s historic westside neighborhoods and is supported by the Atlanta BeltLine. 

The Race was created in 2017 by a group of running community leaders in Atlanta aiming to host a world-class event that highlights Black-owned businesses, makes a positive impact with charity and service, and garners massive national support from the African American running community. To sign up for this year’s event (and ensure you’re getting your steps in on October 7), click here 

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