Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Soliciting Bids from Construction Firms for Southside Trail

Section between Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue will go into construction next 

Southside Trail design and construction status as of September 2022.
Southside Trail design and construction status as of September 2022.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) has published an Invitation to Bid seeking a firm to construct the Southside Trail Segments 4 and 5, between Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue. Construction is anticipated to begin in the next several months, pending the completion of pre-construction activities.

“We know residents have been waiting for the next phase of the Southside Trail to begin, and we are excited to be one step closer to construction,” said Clyde Higgs, President and CEO of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. “The Southside Trail will be foundational to the BeltLine’s success, connecting the Westside Trail and the Eastside Trail and bringing us closer to a more connected Atlanta. Coupled with our supportive programming, we aim to build a BeltLine for all and to see neighbors and businesses stay in place and thrive.”

Within the next two years, more than 80 percent of the mainline multi-use trail will be complete or under construction.

ABI recognizes the importance of supplier diversity and seeks to hire diverse firms and suppliers to help build out the BeltLine with the goal of strengthening the economic development and viability for Minority Business Enterprises and Women Business Enterprises. ABI views equity as a business imperative that starts within the organization and transcends to the full range of our external work and partnerships.

To view this solicitation, interested parties can register on ABI’s procurement management website.  Once registered, the invitation can be found here: Invitation to Bid, Southside Trail Segments 4 and 5 Construction.

Construction of the Atlanta BeltLine Southside Trail includes the 14-foot-wide concrete multi-use path, planting, lighting, retaining walls, storm drainage, signage/wayfinding, connections to adjoining streets, streetscape / accessibility improvement, and bridge replacement and rehabilitation.

Segments 4 and 5 are anticipated to be complete within two years from the start of construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Construction will begin once fiber relocation work is complete. Due to challenges at the United Avenue and Ormewood Avenue road crossings, this work may have an extended completion. The construction scope includes the rebuilding of the bridge over United Avenue.

The unpaved trail will remain open for public use until construction begins.

Southside Trail History and Additional Segment Updates

The City of Atlanta and ABI purchased the southside corridor in March 2018, representing more than four miles and 63 acres. In August 2019, the Southside Trail opened for public use in an unpaved condition. In September 2021, the first paved segment opened.

For the purposes of construction, the Southside Trail was divided into six segments. Segment 1, between the end of the Westside Trail at University Avenue and the development at Pittsburgh Yards (near the I-75 underpass), is complete.

Segments 2 and 3, between Pittsburgh Yards and Boulevard, are on track to be bid for construction in September 2023. This segment is tied to federal dollars and the federal construction process.

Segment 6 runs along Bill Kennedy Way between Glenwood Avenue and Memorial Drive. Interim safety improvements were completed in May 2021. This fall, ABI will be soliciting an engineering design team to complete design work on a permanent trail solution for an improved trail experience, which will include the addition of a separate trail bridge across I-20 and required modifications to adjacent trails north and south.

Brownfield remediation work was completed along the Southside Trail Segments 2-5 this summer thanks to a $500,000 Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For more information on ABI’s active projects, view the design and construction updates for August 2022. ABI will continue to post construction updates and closures here.

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  1. We live and bought over in Lakewood Heights to be close to the Beltline.

    Glenwood/Pittsburgh Yards should be completed in 2 years, not 4 years!

    It shouldn’t take 2 years JUST to build Glenwood/Blvd.

    This project is 10 years behind already a 2029-30 completion seems far fetched.

    1. Hi TF, a lot goes into building the BeltLine, which results in a longer construction timeline. You can check out our graphic to see all of the elements that go into the building the trail. Currently, we have a plan to have the multiuse trails complete by the end of 2030, with more than 80% being complete or under construction in the next two years. We have also hired a consultant, C2G, to revisit our Strategic Implementation Plan to update strategies, priorities, and funding.
      Thank you!

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