2016 Lantern Parade

The Lantern Parade is hosted by the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons and kicks off the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition on the first Saturday after Labor Day each year.

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Ask Eddy Cat

posted in Ask Eddy Cat, Etiquette // 05/10/16
Saturday, May 7, was the purr-fect day to bring back our etiquette campaign. Volunteers represented yours truly – Eddy Cat – with our messages of trail courtesy. We were so pleased to see so many of your lovely faces on the Atlanta BeltLine! Some people wondered why we don’t leave the etiquette signs on the trail. […] Read more
posted in Ask Eddy Cat // 11/09/15
I’m so excited for all the feedback I’ve been getting about etiquette on the Atlanta BeltLine! You can write in with your questions and suggestions by emailing me at eddy.cat@atlbeltline.org. Here is a letter from Tracy, who writes about calling out while passing on the trail: …I was running on a path with a friend.  […] Read more
posted in Ask Eddy Cat, Etiquette // 10/01/15
I am so excited to be the new spokescat for etiquette on the Atlanta BeltLine! I have a lot of first-hand knowledge and experience to bring to the table. The folks here at the Atlanta BeltLine get lots of questions about etiquette on the trail, so my first assignment was to set up “Ask Eddy Cat,” […] Read more
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