Thank You, Atlanta!

Tuesday’s passage of the TSPLOST and MARTA votes paves the way for significant improvements to mobility across the city of Atlanta. This kind of progress could not occur without the leadership of Mayor Reed and the support of City of Atlanta residents. Your votes in support of both the TSPLOST and MARTA referenda clearly indicated … Continue Reading →

Info on MARTA and TSPLOST Ballot Measures

City of Atlanta residents may have the opportunity to vote on two ballot questions this November that could bring significant changes to how people travel around and across the city. Decisions made over the next several weeks could have a major impact on the timing of acquisition and construction for the Atlanta BeltLine corridor and Atlanta … Continue Reading →

Atlanta BeltLine Map

Atlanta BeltLine in Planning Magazine

Have you seen the January 2014 issue of Planning Magazine? The new issue of the American Planning Association’s national publication is all about Atlanta, and the Atlanta BeltLine features prominently. An excerpt from Planning Atlanta, a book due out in April 2014, takes a look at the Atlanta BeltLine’s beginnings, its grassroots growth, and its progress with an essay … Continue Reading →

Atlanta BeltLine Map

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Post-TSPLOST

Q:           What happens to the Atlanta BeltLine projects on the Transportation Referendum list? A:            Transit on the Atlanta BeltLine will still be built out as part of a larger modern streetcar/light rail network in the City of Atlanta connected to MARTA. The downtown Atlanta Streetcar, now under construction, is the first new segment of this … Continue Reading →

Eastside Trail looking north from Freedom Parkway

The Atlanta BeltLine Forges Ahead

Thank you for voting in yesterday’s referendum. As the sun rises on another day of progress for the Atlanta BeltLine, the project endures as the single most compelling vision for the future of Atlanta and the region. Tens of thousands of passionate grassroots supporters remain engaged and the philanthropic and business communities remain invested in … Continue Reading →

Vote Today! 10 Facts on the TSPLOST

Today’s AJC published an op ed by the Chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission, Tad Leithead, with 10 facts about today’s Transportation Referendum. Below is the full text. 10 Facts on the Transportation Referendum By Tad Leithead Every metro Atlanta resident should know by now that there is an important decision before them today. This … Continue Reading →

Transportation Referendum Map

What the Region’s Transit System Can Become if TSPLOST is Approved

The most recent addition to Atlanta’s rail transit system took place in 2000 with the construction of the North Springs and Sandy Springs MARTA stations. The presentation below shows the big picture of what our regional rail transit system can become if the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum is approved (best viewed in full screen mode): Atlanta … Continue Reading →

Events around town for Saturday, July 28, Referendum and non-Referendum.

This is the final weekend before the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum, or TSPLOST, and there are several events happening across the City, both TSPLOST-related and non-TSPLOST related. Here’s the rundown: Saturday, July 28 Eastside Trail Hard Hat Walking Tours (Sneak Peek) – RSVP only, tours at 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11, 3:30. Atlanta Streetcar … Continue Reading →

Lessons from Portland and Dallas – What our Competition is Doing

By Patrick Sweeney, Senior Project Manager for Transit and Transportation Worldwide, top tier cities provide options for residents and commuters. Different modes of transit serve different types of trips – light rail and heavy rail for longer distance commutes, and streetcar for local shorter trips. A network of integrated transit options is key to providing … Continue Reading →

Plan B: Toll Roads and No New Transit Funding

Sunday’s AJC had an in-depth piece looking at all of the potentially viable “Plan B” scenarios if the July 31 Transportation Referendum does not pass. Groups ranging from the Georgia Sierra Club to the Tea Party, who oppose the Referendum, have stated that there is a viable second option, or “Plan B.” According to the … Continue Reading →

Transportation Referendum Questions Answered

The Atlanta Regional Commission has done a yeoman’s job of compiling (just about) every single frequently asked question regarding the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum and providing detailed, thoughtful answers. Here’s just one example, dealing with the frequently raised issue of the Georgia 400 toll and how the Transportation Referendum is different: There has been recent … Continue Reading →

The Regional Significance of the Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar Projects

Today’s AJC has an op ed by John Somerhalder, Chairman of the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. board of directors. The piece stresses the regional importance of the Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects on the Transportation Referendum list because of the new mobility options they provide and the large number of jobs they touch- more than 140,ooo … Continue Reading →

Freedom Park looking north over Eastside Trail - Jun 6 2012. Photo credit: Christopher T. Martin.

Eastside Trail Construction Updates and More in June 2012 Quarterly Newsletter

Every three months, the Atlanta BeltLine publishes a printed quarterly newsletter with the latest and greatest information about the project. You can peruse this month’s issue right now with our online version below: [issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120627193517-16a52f92b54c4b5cb12ea524a29513da name=abl-qtrly-news-final-scrolling-june-2012-websized username=atlantabeltline tag=eastside%20trail unit=px v=2] This issue’s topics include: An update on the Eastside Trail (it’s almost … Continue Reading →

40 Days to Go – What You Need to Know

The July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum is an historic opportunity for Metro Atlanta. It would be the single largest investment in transit since the MARTA system. This is what it means for the Atlanta BeltLine. Please watch and share.

Transportation Referendum – Atlanta’s 15% List

In today’s AJC, Tom Weyandt, Mayor Reed’s transportation policy adviser, provides an overview of the City of Atlanta’s local projects included on the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum. Fifteen percent of the money raised from the referendum will go to local governments for smaller scale transportation projects. The really big news here is that “93 percent of … Continue Reading →

Regional Leaders to discuss Transportation Referendum at Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing

On Tuesday, June 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. the Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing will feature speakers from across the region to discuss the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum.  The $8.5 billion ballot initiative includes a set project list of regional transportation projects with 15% of the funding dedicated to local jurisdictions for local transportation … Continue Reading →

Brookings Expert Makes Case for Walkable Communities, and Transportation Referendum

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Chris Leinberger penned two op eds this weekend about the ever-increasing importance of walkable communities. In Sunday’s New York Times piece he explains new research that shows “the most valuable real estate lies in walkable urban locations. Many of these now pricey places were slums just 30 years ago.” “Our research shows … Continue Reading →

It’s Transportation and the Economy, Stupid.

The volume is rising. The “debate intensifies.” Critics are predictably nitpicking the project list for the upcoming Transportation Referendum. What to make of it all? When it comes to the Atlanta BeltLine, sometimes the volume goes up even further. It’s unlike any other project in the region, or the country for that matter. It’s a … Continue Reading →

Transportation Referendum Projects in Bite Sized Chunks

The July 31 Transportation Referendum is almost here. It’s a big decision. If it passes, it means transit on the Atlanta BeltLine in just a few short years, much faster than would otherwise be possible. To provide a better understanding of what the Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects on the Referendum list are, we’ve broken … Continue Reading →