Southside Trail – Segments 2 and 3 to Officially Close for Construction

Southside Trail Segments 2+3. Photo by LoKnowsDrones.
Southside Trail Segments 2+3 adjacent to Milton Ave. Photo by LoKnowsDrones.

On Monday, May 20, 2024, the interim segments of Southside Trail from Pryor Road to Boulevard SE will be closed for construction (segment from Pittsburgh Yards to Pryor Road will close Monday, May 27, 2024 to allow for use of the trail through the conclusion of the 2024 school year). The contractor, Reeves Young, will be adding various site improvement elements, including concrete paved walking trail, improved storm drainage, granite faced retaining walls, vertical connections to adjoining streets (Pryor Rd., McDonough Blvd., Hill & Grant), signage/wayfinding, maintenance & improvements to bridges over Pryor and Hill, pedestrian lighting, security cameras, landscaping and more. Construction is anticipated to be completed in December 2025, with a re-opening date in the 1st Quarter of 2026. 

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Southside Trail Segments 2 +3
Southside Trail Segments 2 +3 adjacent to Pittsburgh Yards. Photo by LoKnowsDrones.

Signs will be posted at closed locations. Suggested detour routes are below and will be posted along the trail access points. Please note that these are suggestions and there are more possible routes. People should decide on a route that works best for their safety, comfort level, and mode of transportation. 

  • DETOUR #1 – Heading east Pittsburgh Yards to University Avenue SW to Pryor Road SW to T.H. Slater Elementary School 
  • DETOUR #2 – Heading east Pittsburgh Yards to University Avenue SW to McDonough Boulevard SE to Carver High School  
  • DETOUR #3 – Heading west Boulevard SE to Englewood Avenue SE to Hill Street to Milton Avenue SE to McDonough Boulevard SE 

Details on each Southside Trail Segment can be found in our design and construction updates section: Segments 2+3, and Segments 4+5.  

For construction-related questions: 

Segment 2+3 construction, Jennifer Distotell:   

Segment 4+5 construction, Nancy Newell:  

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on improving your Atlanta Beltline!

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