Legacy Resident Retention Program Helps Longtime Pittsburgh Resident

When longtime Pittsburgh resident, Tone Lane, moved into his home in southwest Atlanta 15 years ago, it was with the intent of staying put. With recent investments like the opening of Pittsburgh Yards®, a community-led catalyst to spur economic equity, job growth and entrepreneurship for local residents, and the Atlanta BeltLine, the neighborhood has seen a lot of changes. Positive change attracts more investment, and that inevitably leads to rising property taxes. This can create unintentional consequences for longtime residents.

That’s where the Legacy Resident Retention Program comes in. This program is designed to help longtime BeltLine residents like Tone by paying the increase in their property taxes through the end of 2030.

Hear from Tone about how the program has helped him.

To learn more or to apply, visit beltline.org/legacy.

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