Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Approves First Tax Assistance Program Recipients

Fund available to help legacy residents stay in their homes through property tax assistance

The first 11 recipients of the Atlanta BeltLine’s Legacy Resident Retention Program have been approved for grants that will cover the increase in their property tax over the next 10 years. Program administrators are currently reviewing nearly 40 pre-registration forms and welcome other eligible homeowners who live near the Atlanta BeltLine to submit their requests.

A program recipient from the Pittsburgh neighborhood said, “This program is a blessing to me. I have lived in my home since 2007 and property taxes have been steadily rising because of gentrification. The Legacy Resident Retention Program will allow me to stay in my home and not worry about being displaced.”

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP) and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) are working with partners to help BeltLine residents continue living in their communities. ABP provides all funding for the program, sourced from philanthropic contributions, and is working with APD Urban Planning & Management to process the applications. The current applicants have lived in their homes an average of 21 years.

“I am so thankful for this program. It means I can rest a little easier as I plan for retirement at the end of the year. God Bless you all,” a recipient living in Washington Park shared.

Homeowners in southern and western neighborhoods within the Atlanta BeltLine Planning Area are eligible to apply for this relief. Participants must currently live in a home they have owned prior to March 2017 and must have an annual household income below 100% of the area median income (AMI). Residents may apply by registering at, emailing, or calling 678-718-5469.

“There are serious concerns about revitalization driving up property taxes,” said Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Executive Director Rob Brawner. “The Legacy Resident Retention Program addresses these concerns and helps residents live, work, and thrive in BeltLine neighborhoods by providing the opportunity for them to stay in their communities, build wealth, and live close to jobs.”

With generous support from the Georgia Power Foundation and Bank of America, the grant program was launched in the fall of 2020. There are an estimated 2,500 households that may qualify for the aid and this program is forecasted to cost $12.5 million over 10 years to help these families. Assistance will cover the increase in property tax on a first-come, first-served basis as funding is available.

“We are committed to ensuring legacy residents can remain in the neighborhoods and homes they’ve known for years while enjoying the community benefits spurred by the Atlanta BeltLine,” said Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. CEO Clyde Higgs. “The promise of the Atlanta BeltLine includes caring for our communities as we continue to connect the City.”

The Legacy Resident Retention Program is one of multiple initiatives offered by the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership in collaboration with ABI and other partners to empower BeltLine residents. Other programs connect residents with workshops offering housing protection information, partnerships connecting job seekers to training and employment, and local organizations providing financial resources. займ на карту моментально

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