Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Announces Southside Unpaved Trail Bike Tours

Note: After this blog was posted, the Partnership decided not to offer the longer tour (Option #2 below) during the current tour season. Instead, the shorter tour (Option #1 below) will be offered on Saturday, September 28 and Saturday, November 9, in addition to Saturday, October 19. The October 19 tour has sold out but, as of September 17, there were open slots in the September 28 and November 9 tours. You can check availability and register for these tours at our tour reservation page.  

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership has announced the addition of two new tours to its free bike tour program, presented by Northside Hospital. Both tours highlight the newly opened 4-mile Southside Unpaved Trail which connects the southern ends of the existing Eastside and Westside trails to each other.

Option #1: Shorter Tour

Our new ABC-to-Lee + White Tour starts at the Atlanta BeltLine Center (just south of Irwin St. on the Eastside Trail) and heads south on the trail, crossing DeKalb Ave. and passing through the Krog Tunnel before turning left on Wylie St. and continuing to where the Eastside Trail terminates at Memorial Dr. After crossing Memorial, the tour continues south on Bill Kennedy Way, crossing I-20 and continuing through Glenwood Park using existing bike lanes. After crossing Glenwood Ave. the tour continues on the new Southside Unpaved Trail passing through the neighborhoods of Ormewood Park, Boulevard Heights, Grant Park, Chosewood Park, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Adair Park before reaching the southern terminus of the Westside Trail near University Ave. The tour continues on the Westside Trail crossing Allene Ave. and passing through the Lee/Murphy tunnel before reaching its stopping point at Lee + White in the West End neighborhood. A map of the course route is below. Click on the map for an interactive version.

Tour highlights include:

  • Edge OTB development
  • Krog Street Tunnel
  • Hulsey Railyard
  • Boulevard Crossing Park
  • D. H. Stanton Park
  • The historic tunnel under Hank Aaron Dr./McDonough Blvd.
  • Passing under the Downtown Connector
  • Pittsburgh Yards (Annie E. Casey property)
  • Aluma Urban Farm
  • Murphy Crossing
  • Lee/Murphy Tunnel

At Lee + White tour-goers will have the option of enjoying an 18.37% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at Boxcar, the popular new gastropub atop Hop City. (In case you’re wondering, the 18.37% discount honors the founding of Atlanta as Terminus in 1837). Participants will be responsible for their own expenses at Boxcar. After enjoying the vibe at Boxcar, the tour guide will lead the group back to the Atlanta BeltLine Center using the same route, or participants can depart and return on their own. The West End MARTA station is a short bike ride from Lee + White for those wishing to return to the Eastside by train. This tour covers just over 7 miles one way or 14 miles round trip. 

The Southside Trail tunnel under Hank Aaron Dr./McDonough Blvd. 

The Southside Trail just east of Boulevard.

Option #2: Longer Tour

If you’re interested in a longer ride that showcases more of the Atlanta BeltLine, our new Ansley Park-to-Washington Park Tour starts on the Northeast Unpaved Trail, just north of Piedmont Ave. Parking is available in the back of the Ansley Square Shopping Center parking lot where there’s an opening to the trail. The tour heads south on the trail along the eastern edge of Piedmont Park until crossing Monroe Dr. and continuing south on the Eastside Trail. After passing the Atlanta BeltLine Center the tour follows the same route as the ABC-to-Lee + White Tour (see above) and also includes a stop for refreshments at Boxcar at Lee + White (see above) before continuing north on the Westside Trail to its stopping point at Washington Park. Participants can return to the starting point by retracing their route on the BeltLine, or the Ashby MARTA station is a short bike ride from Washington Park for those wishing to return to the Eastside by train. This tour is just under 13 miles one way or 26 miles round trip. A map of the course route is below. Click on the map for an interactive version.

Keep in mind, the Northeast and Southside Trails are currently unpaved and consist mostly of packed dirt, some loose sand and patches of small to medium sized gravel. The trails have been well graded but we suggest using a bike with hybrid or better tires. If you don’t yet own your own bike, you can rent one at a discounted rate from Jump by Uber. Jump bikes are battery-powered and have a small motor that actually helps you pedal.

D. H. Stanton Park 

Pittsburgh Yards 

Each of these new tours will be offered twice before the end of the 2019 tour season. The ABC-to-Lee + White Tour (Option #1) will be offered on Saturday, September 14 and Saturday, October 19 (10:00 am start time). The tour should return to the Center by 2:00 pm (including the stop at Boxcar). The Ansley Park-to-Washington Park Tour (Option #2) will be offered on Saturday, September 28 and Saturday, November 9 (10:00 am start time). The tour should reach Washington Park no later than 2:00 pm. Tours will be capped at 25 participants each. You can reserve your spot now by heading over to our tour registration page. 

Thanks to Northside Hospital and Niagara Bottled Water for their support of our free bike tour program.

We look forward to introducing you to the new Southside Unpaved Trail through one of our new free bike tours!

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