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Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Acquires Archives and History Warehouse site
posted in General // 08/03/18

Property acquisition increases Murphy Crossing footprint to 20 acres

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) has acquired 2.5 acres of property adjacent to the future Murphy Crossing development on the westside corridor. Murphy Crossing, now a 20-acre site, provides ABI with a unique opportunity to further equity, affordability, and inclusion goals for the City through controlled development, employment and housing options, and transit connectivity. Located at 1089 Allene Avenue, the property is the former site of the Archives and History Warehouse. The State of Georgia helped ABI assemble the full acreage of Murphy Crossing; and has been a crucial partner in this, and other transitions.

“This is yet another important acquisition that shows the City of Atlanta is serious about development south of I-20,” said Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. “The Atlanta BeltLine will provide opportunities for connectivity, housing and jobs. And this site will be key to ensuring economic equity in all parts of the corridor, lifting up the surrounding neighborhoods with opportunities for success in line with our vision of One Atlanta.”

The site is adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail, a 3-mile multi-use corridor that connects Washington Park to Adair Park and was built in preparation for future light rail transit on the Atlanta BeltLine. The trail is in proximity to the Oakland City and West End MARTA stations, providing a critical conduit for connectivity and development within southwest Atlanta.

The Murphy Crossing site was once home to the State Farmers Market and has had significant influence on the development and redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhoods. Throughout 2016, ABI initiated an extensive community engagement process and commissioned a study to determine best uses for the site based on the area’s need for economic development, transportation accessibility, affordability, and historic preservation. The process will culminate in a Request for Proposals (RFP) to be released later this year, seeking a developer to activate the Murphy Crossing site based on specific housing and job goals for the area. More details will be announced with the release of the RFP.

“We are so excited about this purchase because it increases our flexibility with the Murphy Crossing site,” said Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. CEO Brian McGowan. “This is a chance for development in southwest Atlanta to reflect the existing community’s wants and needs, while positioning the area to benefit from the Atlanta BeltLine’s jobs and housing goals and the City’s larger equity and affordability goals.”

The site was purchased by ABI from the Georgia Building Authority for $2.1 million. A site map is below.

map of archives building at Murphy Crossing

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  1. Marie Williams says:

    We need the same type of development that has jump started the Eastside trail something similar to krog market or like what is happening in midtown west,but I think all we will get is a low income job development center leading to more low income dead end jobs. Why do you ask? The powers that be never ask they just assume we want this stuff instead of real development that will make Westend a true upscale place to live

    Reply | August 6, 2018 at 12:17 am
  2. Rick says:

    Will you try to acquire Capital View Apartments (1191 Metropolitan Pkwy SW) around the corner. It is on the beltline and is keeping the area from developing.

    Reply | August 6, 2018 at 9:28 am
    • JR says:

      We do not have any information on that property at this time.

      Reply | August 29, 2018 at 4:25 pm

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