Master Planning Updates

On Saturday, April 14, the Community Engagement & Planning team at Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) held the first of many Master Plan Update meetings.

In 2007, the master planning process began with the goal of creating a suitable framework to support future population growth and transit ridership. Ten distinct subareas were formed, encompassing a half-mile on either side of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. For each subarea, ABI and the City’s Planning Department developed master plans that address land use, transportation, and parks. During the period in which the plans were formulated, neighborhoods were engaged in public meetings, with residents providing detailed feedback on the plans. Learn more about the Atlanta BeltLine master plans as originally adopted.

Now, more than 10 years later, we recognize that the wants and needs of the people living in each subarea may have changed over time. This is why we are re-engaging each community update the master plans based on the feedback we receive.

>>Find out what subarea you are in on our interactive map!

April 14 marked the first meeting for Subarea 3. This subarea is in southeast Atlanta, bordered by Berne Street to the north, Hill Street to the west, Confederate Avenue to the east, and McDonough Road to the south. Led by ABI and consultant firm TSW, the meeting included a presentation followed by interactive exercises.

Want to provide feedback about YOUR subarea? Watch for more meetings to be scheduled as we make our way around the corridor. The next Master Planning update meetings will cover Subareas 9 & 10 on April 28.

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