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The Atlanta BeltLine is conducting a survey to better understand what the community wants to see from the project. 

Whether you use the Atlanta BeltLine every day or have only heard about it in passing, your voice can have an impact! We are listening and want to better understand how you perceive the project, your expectations, your suggested improvements, and more. 

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The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept anonymous. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. will use these results to inform and guide our program elements, community engagement strategies, transit, and affordable housing and business support. 

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  1. Now that we are paying an additional 1/2 cent tax I want to see some major progress on beltline transit. Trails are nice but the whole point of the beltline was transit. Get it going!

  2. Truly enjoy the beltline and the beatification efforts! Suggestion would be to have more/more visible signs to have slower walkers keep to the right and more self awareness for big group of people walking in a line.

    1. I agree with everything John Black said.

      – Finish entire loop first
      – Light rail that connects to train stations
      – Affordable housing should be provided to teachers, police officers and fire fighters that serve the local area.
      – Parks and green space
      – Retails and restaurants

  3. I would love to see the progress start on Westmeath Dr SW; There appears to be many children and young adults who need to be able to walk up and down the street or wait on the bus, without the risk of being hit by a car because there aren’t any side walks. Also the pocket park/ dog park and the speed bumps would make a safer environment to the residents. Not to mention bring up the entire neighborhood. Please feel free to give me a call at+15122935758

  4. You are a total failure of a civic project. Your negligence towards the low-income and black communities in Atlanta is disgraceful. Your dedication to imposing your will across this beautiful city’s landscape is shameful. If you do not change your approach and start acting conscientiously and with respect to those who built this city, you will have a lot to answer. How do you sleep at night?

  5. finishing the entire loop soon

    light rail transportation for the entire loop with connections into the city and to transit stations

    plenty of restaurant and shop space around trail

    complete the multiple parks as planned

    short walk adjacent affordable housing for full time police officers and public school teachers.

  6. Affordable Housing.


    Creating a full, diverse, and rich community on the BeltLine is essential.

  7. I would like to see more access points for parts of the BeltLine still being built, especially south of I-20.
    Need to include more affordable housing and a MUST is opportunity for people to use the Beltline as a way to commute to work via bike or connection to MARTA, local transit downtown.

  8. Our family loves the beltline and just about always walk off to stop at Ponce, Krog market, or other areas to buy produce or food etc. Beltline makes me spend my money and I’m happy to do it.

  9. continue to improve the belt line thoroughfare by more effectively managing traffic with clearly defined lanes for bikes, such as we see on the motorway, and posting basic “rules of the road” for bicycles to reduce the risk of injury to other users.

  10. Why not make a path for people to walk and another path for people to run and keep the middle path for cyclist? The beltline is not wide enough for people to everyone to do different activities. To the side of the path is open space, there is nothing there and why not pave path for use. There should also be a line in the middle so people will know to stay on one side of the path and in one direction. The Beltline should have more vendors, art and stuff for people to see and take part whether food trucks, people performing, etc.

    Last but not least, I think the beltline should connect to the Silver Comet. Just my opinion.

  11. You must prioritize affordable housing. This 10% or whatever BS is a joke. Soon, Atlanta will only be a place for rich people.

    In concert, more transportation. The traffic is getting worse by the day, literally. And please hurry up and finish the trail!

    1. We’re working on it! 16 miles of light rail transit are in review with the Federal Transportation Administration for a second environmental review – the next step towards starting design and engineering.

  12. I’ve been running in the Metro area for over 15 years. I’ve primarily used the Silver Comet trail for my Marathon Training. I ran the Westside Beltline today and thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ll use it for my short runs but I can’t wait until more of the trail is completed. What a nice asset!

  13. Although having 2 separate paths for “wheels” and “heels” as they do in most cities is ideal, an inexpensive easy shorter fix to dangerous walking/biking patterns is to add yellow lines. There’s enough room to create outer lanes with arrows to indicate which direction traffic should be headed, and a single file internal pane for passing. 1) Extremely helpful for kids who are good rule followers but just don’t understand (I am constantly reminding my kids to stay right when riding, watch for on coming bikes when passing and to get back right asap when passing- however, sometimes walkers and extremely slow bikers riding side by side as they chat take up the whole path and we have to pass all the way on the opposite edge of the path facing on going traffic). 2) aside from kids, I think many adults don’t mean to be disrespectful but are just not aware that they are taking up so much space. Having 3 lanes increases awareness – even if they sometimes spill over into the passing lane, they should be more aware that they are in the way of those trying to pass by. It also helps remind the bikers who ride excessively fast that when they are in the middle passing lane, they should expect traffic going the other way and to slow down. People can use common sense if using the belt line during non peak hours, but the current traffic patterns are extremely dangerous doing peak hours. Long term, I’d like to see the path widened or add an extra path so that one is for wheels only (STILL NEED YELLOW LINES /ARROWS ETC) and one is for walking (STILL NEED YELLOW LINES/ARROWS INDICATING DIRECTION ETC). 2) Really need lights on the eastside trail – is not safe walking when it’s dark and should be usable be it by workers walking/biking home after work or patrons of various restaurants along the path. It was deserted this past Saturday night at 10 pm on a gorgeous May evening.

  14. Build the Beltline (without the trolley!!!) and let the businesses move in and fend for themselves. No tax/government support for winners and losers. Make a bike path where the trolley should be to have walking and biking separate. I agree with Trevor – make the Beltline interconnected with as many ATL bike and hike trails as possible.

  15. Originally, there was supposed to be a train that went around the beltline using existing tracks where people could ride to the next stop / stops without using your car and then gor vback home the same way. Some where down the line in the planning, the train idea was done away with. I think they should bring it back because it would be really nice to be able to ride to other neighborhoods on the Beltline without have to drive and find parking. Also, affordable housing would be great per the original plans of the person that came up with the Beltline concept.

    1. Hi Monique,
      Light rail transit is still very much a part of planning the Atlanta BeltLine. We are working closely with MARTA, the City of Atlanta, and other partners to determine how the MARTA 1/2-penny sales tax will be used to build out the transit in a comprehensive, city-wide network.

      Affordable housing continue to be a priority, too, and we recently announced a new development that will be built in Adair Park:

      Thank you!

  16. Affordable housing just for seniors isn’t good enough. That’s always how developers get around the affordable housing requirements. Mothers and families need affordable housing too. The Beltline as it is now is nothing more than a hiking trail thru the city. That’s nice and all but it hasn’t solved any problems.

  17. Affordable housing just for seniors isn’t good enough. That’s always how developers get around the affordable housing requirements. Mothers and families need affordable housing too. The Beltline as it is now is nothing more than a hiking trail thru the city. That’s nice and all but it hasn’t solved any problems.

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