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Getting Around the Eastside Trail Extension
posted in Construction Updates, Eastside Trail // 11/08/17

With the Eastside Trail extension now open to Kirkwood Avenue, we are so excited to add even more Atlanta BeltLine to your neighborhood! As many of you are already aware, everyone has a duty to maintain their own safety and the safety of others when using the trail. This may mean slowing down on a bike, staying to the right if you’re walking, or keeping your dog close by, as our etiquette campaign explains.

The Eastside Trail's new extension on Wylie Street. Photo: John Becker

The Eastside Trail’s new extension on Wylie Street. Photo: John Becker

On very few parts of the Atlanta BeltLine, people will have to interact with cars, such as the intersections of the Eastside Trail at Irwin Street and DeKalb Avenue.

DeKalb Avenue can be a challenging road to navigate. We wanted to ensure the safe crossing of the thousands of people that use the Eastside Trail every day. At this juncture, the construction of the trail also includes the implementation of a “pedestrian scramble” at Krog Street and DeKalb Avenue. Though it sounds like it could be a brunch special, it’s actually a method of traffic signalling where all motor vehicle traffic is halted at the same time to let bikes and pedestrians through. 

If you’re going north on the trail, this means you’ll stop on the east side of the Krog Tunnel at DeKalb Avenue. If you’re going south, the trail is on the west side. When the scramble is triggered, you may cross in any direction once all motor vehicles are stopped. Please, for your safety, do not cross at this intersection until the scramble is triggered.

The intersection of Krog Street & Dekalb Avenue. Once the pedestrian signals are functioning, trail users may use the diagonal crosswalk to cross the intersection. Photo: John Becker

The intersection of Krog Street & Dekalb Avenue. Once the pedestrian signals are functioning, trail users may use the diagonal crosswalk to cross the intersection. Photo: John Becker

Additionally, the Eastside Trail will have a gap between DeKalb Avenue and Edgewood Avenue until early 2019 as North American Properties builds out The Edge – an $80 million development with affordable housing. For now, trail users will need to use Krog Street and Edgewood Avenue as a detour. A ramp and stairs at Edgewood Avenue enable easy access on and off the trail at that point.

At the Irwin Street crossing, we have what we call a “speed table.” Like a speed bump, a speed table protrudes from the ground with the intent of slowing down vehicles, but with a flat surface for pedestrians to cross. It is everyone’s responsibility to be safe when crossing, especially as this particular intersection has only been a pedestrian crossing for a short time. Rapid flashing beacons have been installed that will flash yellow when you press the button. It’s very important that they are used every time someone crosses the road so that drivers learn to watch for people crossing this intersection. Drivers have the responsibility to go slow to protect their vehicle on the speed table.

The speed table at Irwin Street.

The speed table at Irwin Street.

Just like with other safety and etiquette initiatives, there is a learning curve. As you are out enjoying the Atlanta BeltLine, please make sure you are aware of other people at all times, on all sections – be they cyclists, joggers, drivers in motor vehicles, or people with strollers. It’s the safest way to be on the trail, and it’s just plain old good etiquette.

Join the Discussion

  1. John says:

    Is the speed table on Irwin a crosswalk?

    Reply | November 10, 2017 at 11:39 am
    • JR says:

      The speed table at Irwin is not striped as a crosswalk, so please be mindful of passing traffic when you cross. The lights serve as a warning to cars that pedestrians may be crossing, but you should be overly cautious and wait until cars have come to a complete stop for you before you cross. Thanks for the question! – JR

      Reply | November 13, 2017 at 9:46 am
  2. Dan says:

    The Krog Street Tunnel sidewalk is too dark, narrow and dangerous for bicycle traffic and pedestrian traffic both. The Beltline might consider posting signs advising bike traffic to travel with car traffic, as is GA law and City of Atlanta Code. The photo of the intersection clearly illustrates bikers heading directly into the path of the sidewalk and pedestrians standing on the corner. What you can’t see is who may be walking towards Decatur Street in the tunnel.

    Reply | December 15, 2017 at 4:23 pm
    • JR says:

      Hello Dan:

      Thanks for the comment. Lighting improvements are planned for the tunnel and should be implemented next year. In the meantime, we advise cyclists to walk their wheels on the sidewalk if they do not feel safe riding in the road. Signs advising cyclists to walk their wheels at this location will be installed with our signage and wayfinding program.


      Reply | December 19, 2017 at 2:49 pm

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