Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Monday Night Brewing

Welcome back to Business on the Atlanta BeltLine! This series visits some of the many businesses along the Atlanta BeltLine, and explores how the Atlanta BeltLine and its culture have impacted their business. The opening of the Eastside Trail and Historic Fourth Ward Park have helped to spur more than $3.7 billion in economic development within the Atlanta BeltLine Planning Area. Now, with the Westside Trail due to open later this year, more small businesses owners and entrepreneurs are turning their attention to southwest Atlanta.

Jonathan and Joel, co-owners of Monday Night Brewing, opened their first brewery in 2011 in northwest Atlanta. Their initial success led them to look for more opportunities to engage the community in other parts of Atlanta, and in 2016, they signed a lease for a second location on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail.

“This part of the BeltLine has the potential to be something really unique,” says Joel. The location provides them with the square footage and high ceilings they need for manufacturing, but also the space to engage the public. “The West End is this really vibrant community,” says Jonathan, “but there aren’t a lot of places for people to really come and hang out and eat and drink yet.”

The pair see the location as a future destination, with various kinds of production and retail drawing people from other parts of Atlanta, connected by way of the Atlanta BeltLine. “This is going to be something pretty unique and special,” says Joel.

Monday Night Brewing co-owners Jonathan and Joel in their new space on the Westside Trail.
Monday Night Brewing co-owners Jonathan and Joel in their new space on the Westside Trail.

Watch the Monday Night Brewing video to see the story of their new location, and check out our other installments of Business on the Atlanta BeltLine.

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