Life on the Atlanta BeltLine – Reynoldstown Senior Residences

The Atlanta BeltLine, at its heart, is a transportation project – but it’s also a project about connecting Atlanta and our connections with each other. One of the ways the project promotes connectivity – besides providing new modes of transportation throughout the city – is how it strengthens neighborhoods through affordability. 

Meet Ms. Frankie Hardman and Ms. Hester Wright. These two ladies are residents of the new Reynoldstown Senior affordable housing development. Reynoldstown Senior Residences is an independent-living, affordable senior housing facility servicing residents 62 years and older. The property is located in the heart of the historic Reynoldstown neighborhood which is one block from the future Eastside Trail extension.

Ms. Hardman moved to Reynoldstown Senior from Smyrna after finding out about the development just down the street from her church. Living in Smyrna, Ms. Hardman recalls, meant driving everywhere and dealing with traffic congestion.

“When Reynoldstown built this building, they made it great for seniors because there are probably a lot of us that would not have been able to get out and just walk like we can now. So the BeltLine is going to be a great thing for all the communities here because they’re making that connection, and just being able to get out and meet new people is great.”

Ms. Wright appreciates the walkability of the area, as well, and the connections she is able to make with her neighbors:

“We can get out, we can hike, we can ride our bicycles, we can walk the BeltLine with a sense of safety and peace. And you may meet a face that you’ve seen maybe last week […] People that you get accustomed to seeing, it’s not a strange atmosphere. I think the BeltLine is going to offer that kind of reconnection that we’ve lost in communities.”

The development was funded in part by a $1.5 million BeltLine Affordable Housing Trust Fund grant, and is a result of a partnership between Mercy Housing, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta, and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Find out more about Atlanta BeltLine, Inc’s affordable housing efforts, and check out other Life on the Atlanta BeltLine videos to meet your neighbors on the Atlanta BeltLine!

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  1. How does a senior citizen go about applying for an apartment at reynoldstown senior residence and whats the exact address??

    1. Hi John – the address for Reynoldstown Senior is 695 Field St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316. I’d suggest dropping by the leasing office during business hours to ask about an application! Hope that helps.


    1. Hi Kevin,

      Transit is in the planning phases now. Construction is likely still several years away and will depend on funding and the decisions made in the design process. Stay tuned for more updates as they are available.

      Thanks for the question! – JR

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