Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Seeking Proposals for Conduit Utilization

ATLANTA – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) is seeking proposals from potential operating partners to manage conduit duct bank infrastructure owned or controlled by ABI. Appropriate use of this infrastructure will further catalyze equitable and quality economic development. It is ABI’s goal to utilize the Atlanta BeltLine conduit to support equitable access to advanced services.

With the release of this request for proposals, ABI will engage a partner with experience and expertise in managing such infrastructure. Responses must provide information that will assist with the following objectives:

  • Attracting broadband and/or utility providers interested in building and providing next-generation services and utilities;
  • Making broadband connectivity available of 10 Gigabits or greater for businesses and institutions on an affordable and timely basis;
  • Attracting conduit clients that can offer low-cost “lifeline” Internet or Wi-Fi services to disadvantaged residents based upon certain qualifications to increase the adoption of broadband in the area;
  • Attracting conduit clients that will meet future bandwidth, performance, and quality requirements in accordance with future technology advances;
  • Support establishment of wireless network hotspots in public spaces in areas adjacent to portions of the wired network, and throughout the current and future Atlanta BeltLine corridor
  • Support establishment of a “Smart Corridor” around the Atlanta BeltLine that accommodates future needs
  • Propose a complete strategic scenario for how the conduit duct bank management partner will manage, monetize (including a financial plan) and attract businesses to the conduit duct bank infrastructure.

Proposals are due on March 9. A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Thursday, February 9. More details can be found online in the Request for Proposals.

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