Concrete Progress on the Westside Trail

The Westside Trail is showing even more tangible signs of progress as concrete has been poured on the spur trail between University Avenue and the mainline trail. The 1/4 mile spur, as with all Atlanta BeltLine spur trails, is 10 feet wide and connects the mainline trail at Allene Avenue to University Avenue.

The spur trail will connect the Westside Trail with University Avenue. Photo: The Sintoses.
The spur trail will connect the Westside Trail with University Avenue. Photo: The Sintoses.

When complete, the Westside Trail will feature a 14-foot wide multi-use trail and will connect Adair Park to Washington Park by way of the old rail corridor. Construction of this corridor will be built with access points, signage and lighting, and preparation for future transit. Earlier this year, the bridge over Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive was rebuilt to accommodate trail & transit and to improve pedestrian access on the road below. Watch video of the bridge construction here.

Concrete pouring on Westside Trail spur from University Avenue to Allene Avenue.
The concrete pour for the spur trail is just the first part of the pour for the entire 3-mile Westside Trail. 

Pouring has also begun on the mainline Westside Trail between University  Avenue and Allene. By December of 2016, the portions of trail between University Avenue and Allene Avenue and between Donnelly Avenue and Lawton Avenue will be completed.

Crews begin the concrete pour on the Westside Trail. Photo: The Sintoses.

The 3-mile trail will connect four parks and four schools that serve southwest Atlanta when it is completed. The Westside Trail is also in a unique position to re-energize the adjacent neighborhoods. The Atlanta BeltLine’s first urban agriculture site is already up and running, with produce sold on location and in farmer’s markets around the city. At the southern end of the trail is the site of the old state farmer’s market, a 16-acre site now known as Murphy’s Crossing, which will host redevelopment opportunities in the future.

More photos of Westside Trail construction are available in our photo gallery, and you can watch progress happen instantly on the Atlanta BeltLine Facebook page. To learn more about the Westside Trail, visit our dedicated construction page.

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