User-friendly updates to our website navigation!

Just as the Atlanta BeltLine itself has undergone rapid growth and transformation in the decade since the project began, so too has the Atlanta BeltLine website evolved. When the present site launched in 2012, the chief objectives were to inform and educate people about the vision for the project, provide details about funding efforts, and offer information about design elements, planning meetings, and construction schedules. Happily, we have made great strides since then, and it is time for the website to evolve into a new role that better serves the community for 2016 and beyond.

Today, with many park spaces and trail segments open to the public, we turn the focus of the website to providing users with information about places to go, things to do, and ways to give, while continuing to offer progress updates, meeting notices, project details, and important news. We believe this new hierarchy of information will allow you easier access to the information you want, and help streamline your experience.

The new primary navigation – the six blue tabs above – is broken down into six categories:

Places to Go

This section showcases the open trail segments and greenspaces, offering photos, maps, and details about amenities, and unique features.

Things to Do

This is the place to find information about special events, programs, tours, health & fitness activities, and upcoming community meetings.

Ways to Give

You will find all the information you need in order to volunteer, donate, become a member, or engage in community meetings, briefings, and study groups.

Latest News

This is a resource for news releases, blog posts, and media inquiries, and will provide access to new renderings, photos, and archived reports and meeting notes.

The Project

This provides an overview of the project and its history, maps, renderings, and awards, as well as important details about ongoing planning and progress on the project.

The Team

We offer a brief introduction to the staff at Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, and also acknowledge the important contributions of outside partners.

We hope these changes make our website more helpful, enabling you to quickly find the information you need. We welcome your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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