Info on MARTA and TSPLOST Ballot Measures

City of Atlanta residents may have the opportunity to vote on two ballot questions this November that could bring significant changes to how people travel around and across the city.

Decisions made over the next several weeks could have a major impact on the timing of acquisition and construction for the Atlanta BeltLine corridor and Atlanta BeltLine transit.

With City Council approval, projects within and benefiting the city would be funded by the two proposed sales taxes:

  • A quarter-cent or half-cent TSPLOST which can be used for general transportation purposes, including road improvements, bridges, and pedestrian and bicycle projects. At the half-cent level, funds would be sufficient (with 25% private sector matching funds) to purchase and build out the entire BeltLine loop and city-wide connector trails within the next five years. At either the quarter-cent or half-cent level, general sidewalk and street improvements can be made across the city.  The TSPLOST half-cent is estimated to generate approximately $340 million over the allowed five-year period.
  • A half-cent MARTA sales tax which can be used for light rail and streetcar expansion, heavy rail expansion, new heavy rail stations or improvements at existing stations, or new or improved bus service.  The MARTA half-cent is estimated to generate approximately $2.5 to $3.5 billion over the remaining 40 year life of MARTA.

The information linked here was presented to the public on May 25 & 26, and June 1 & 2.

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