Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Mrs. Devotis Lee and D’s Café and Catering

Welcome to the second installment of the Business on the Atlanta BeltLine video series. This series visits some of the many businesses along the Atlanta BeltLine, and explores how the Atlanta BeltLine and its culture have impacted their business. As of the end of 2015, over $3 billion in private investment has taken place in the Atlanta BeltLine Planning Area. This video features Mrs. Devotis Lee, the Owner and Chef of D’s Café and Catering.

When Devotis Lee initially opened D’s Café and Catering, located in the historic Westview neighborhood in southwest Atlanta, the Atlanta BeltLine program was in its sixth year. She admittedly “had no idea what the BeltLine was,” but is “excited about the future opportunities” after learning more about the upcoming development.

More jobs will be created for all the business in certain areas. The Atlanta BeltLine is going to be a great deal. – Devotis Lee

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Since construction began on the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail, business in and around her café has increased. Miss D, as she is affectionately known by friends and neighbors, is looking forward to connecting with people from many neighborhoods because of the Atlanta BeltLine. “The Atlanta BeltLine will present an opportunity for all neighborhoods to learn about each other,” said Miss D.

What sets D’s Café and Catering apart is that she creates everything from scratch. Miss D strives to incorporate healthy eating by including fruit with every breakfast. Lunch and dinner features greenery with each meal. The business serves freshly prepared items.

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D’s Café also focuses on hiring ex-offenders and children from within the neighborhood.

Community members who attended the November 2015 Quarterly Briefing enjoyed food from D’s Café as Miss D and her team catered the event. Miss D is further supporting the Atlanta BeltLine by hosting this year’s May, June and July monthly meetups of the Atlanta BeltLine Run.Walk.Go! Running Club leading up to the July 16th Westside 5K.

Miss D’s advice for future business owners that are thinking about relocating to the Atlanta Beltline is to “Come on! It’s going to be a great opportunity, especially for small businesses and businesses that want to stay in the community. [The Atlanta BeltLine] is going to be a great opportunity for them.”

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Watch the short video above as Mrs. Devotis Lee talks about the Atlanta BeltLine’s effect on her business, and her views on the future impact of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Stop in and have a meal and a freshly baked biscuit at D’s Cafe: 1540 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, Atlanta, 30310. She’s located just .2 miles from the Westside Trail!

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