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A Great Day for Trail Etiquette
posted in Ask Eddy Cat, Etiquette // 05/10/16

Saturday, May 7, was the purr-fect day to bring back our etiquette campaign. Volunteers represented yours truly – Eddy Cat – with our messages of trail courtesy.


We were so pleased to see so many of your lovely faces on the Atlanta BeltLine! Some people wondered why we don’t leave the etiquette signs on the trail. Well, the temporary signs we put out there have a way of growing legs and walking away (I know, I’m a cute cat!), but rest assured, we plan to incorporate etiquette into our permanent signage & wayfinding program.


Thank you all for stopping by and saying hi, and offering an encouraging word about etiquette on the Atlanta BeltLine. We saw some good behavior, too – people walking two abreast, dogs with six foot leashes, and cyclists calling “On your left.” Way to go, BeltLiners!

Watch for our campaign to hit the trail on the first Saturday of every month this summer. You can also grab our shareable memes to post to social media here. I’d also love to hear from you! Ask me a question on Twitter (@beltlineeddycat) or via email ( and I might answer your question in my column! Remember, you can share your photos to social media with the hashtag #beltlinecharm.

See you on the Atlanta BeltLine!

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  1. Jennifer Hettick says:


    Reply | October 26, 2017 at 5:32 pm
    • Jenny Pittam says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      We are working on permanent signage that will include the etiquette rules. The trail rules are already posted, but the updated signs will include both.
      Thank you!

      Reply | October 27, 2017 at 9:36 am

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