Life on the Atlanta BeltLine: David Chandley

Welcome to the fifth installment of the “Life on the Atlanta BeltLine” video series!  This series visits people who utilize the Atlanta BeltLine and illustrates how it brings value to their lives.  In this short video, Atlanta Meteorologist David Chandley and his wife Lynn talk about how discovering the Atlanta BeltLine made their lives more enjoyable after moving into the city.

David Chandley is no stranger to the unique opportunities living in Atlanta has to offer, so when he and wife Lynn got the opportunity to venture out of their suburban lifestyle, the couple knew for sure that they needed a place with walkability and greenspace. It was after they found the Inman Park neighborhood that the couple discovered the Atlanta BeltLine and found somewhere they could call home.

“We just gotta get there and this gets you there”

Walkability, diversity, and versatility are what the couple considers most attractive about the BeltLine. They have found a community that links them to multiple amenities, opportunities, and to people they know. They don’t decide to use the BeltLine as something to do, but rather it has become a part of their everyday life as a means to get around, explore, and enjoy the community around them.

The Chandleys enjoy the diversity that can be found along the BeltLine, “You see a little bit of all ages, sizes, runners, walkers, violin players; we’ve seen it all.” What the couple enjoys most about their new home is that they can leave their car behind. If their destination is nearby, they can take their bikes or walk.

If you think you’ve seen David somewhere else other than along the Eastside Trail, you’re right! David has been a lead meteorologist for the Atlanta community for over 25 years, and is now the Chief Meteorologist for Fox 5 News. View the short video to see what about the Atlanta BeltLine attracted the empty nesters to become part of a BeltLine community.

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