Life on the Atlanta BeltLine: The Hodges

Welcome to the sixth installment of the “Life on the Atlanta BeltLine” video series!  This series visits people who utilize the Atlanta BeltLine and illustrates how it brings value to their lives.  In this short video, the Hodges talk about living along the Atlanta BeltLine and how receiving down payment assistance helped them to become homeowners.

Before moving out of state, the Hodges lived near the current Irwin Street entrance before any sign of Atlanta BeltLine development. After moving back with dreams of finally being able to own a home, the family was fortunate enough to qualify for down payment assistance through the Atlanta BeltLine Housing Initiative Program (HIP). The program, built on a partnership between the Atlanta BeltLine and the Federal Home Bank of Atlanta, allows the opportunity to buy or renovate homes around the Atlanta BeltLine’s corridor. Through the program, homebuyers can qualify for up to $45,000 and homeowners can qualify for up to $25,000 for rehab assistance.

“There’s no way we would have ever been able to buy that house, or maybe much of any house without it,” recalls Benjamin Hodge, who was one of the 17 grants awarded for down payment assistance this year. The family wanted to find a home they could contribute to and help build, and through HIP they were able to find a home and do just that. “This is the first time we’ve been able to really put our thumb print on a place that we’ve lived.”

Along with providing affordable housing around the corridor, the Hodges also believe the Atlanta BeltLine is opening up the conversation for alternative means for transportation around the city. Being able to leave the car behind to walk, ride a bike, or catch Marta is becoming possible. Using the BeltLine allows the family to cut down on traveling time when they go out and visit friends, as well as provide them with opportunities to explore the Atlanta community.

View the short video to see the Hodges’ story and learn more about how the Atlanta BeltLine Housing Initiative Program can support healthy, active lifestyles.  Even though the deadline to apply for the 2015 year has passed, visit the Atlanta BeltLine Housing page to learn how to apply for next year’s program.

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