One Year of Westside Trail Progress

One year ago today, the Atlanta BeltLine broke ground on the Westside Trail in a ceremony with more than 500 attendees. Though the weather has been uncooperative at times, we are really excited about the progress we’ve made since that groundbreaking. From pile-driving to potholing, the beginning infrastructure has been laid for the $43 million trail in southwest Atlanta.

Below, photos show the piles erected and backfilling to support the new bridge over Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.


Bent 1 PilesBent 2 Backfill

With several retaining walls being built and shoring and backfilling in process, the trail’s form is beginning to take shape. Below is a view of the beginnings of the ramp and retaining wall near Donnelly Ave.

Wall 200 From Lawton Wall 200 Looking SouthWall 200 Ramp

Construction is expected to be complete in 2017. When finished, the Westside Trail will be a 3-mile multi-use corridor that features a concrete trail and can accommodate future transit. Fourteen access points are being built with the trail, along with lighting, handrails, and landscaping. The corridor connects four parks and four schools and provides connectivity to several southwest Atlanta neighborhoods.

For more progress photos, see our gallery.

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