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I’m so excited for all the feedback I’ve been getting about etiquette on the Atlanta BeltLine! You can write in with your questions and suggestions by emailing me at Here is a letter from Tracy, who writes about calling out while passing on the trail:

…I was running on a path with a friend.  We were running side by side.  Eventually a cyclist passed us while ringing his bell.  My friend and I were surprised as we both thought that was a kid in a stroller  playing with a toy. We had no idea a cyclist was behind us.  It’s fine for someone on a bike to use a bell, but it’s also so important for one to use his / her voice as that is much more noticeable and provides the walker / runner direction on where the cyclist is.. “on your left”  so the runner / walk knows to move over to the right.  A bell ringing does not give that same instruction.

As both a runner and a cyclist, I’d really like to see the campaign updated to include ‘use your voice’.  I’m sure there is a catchy phrase that could be created!

Thank you for your consideration.


Well, Tracy, great minds think alike! We not only encourage cyclists to ring their bells while passing on the left, but to call out “On your left,” as well! To that end, we want to see pedestrians staying to the right and observing the “walk two abreast” etiquette rule so as not to clog traffic on the trail.



Etiquette on the Atlanta BeltLine is something that can be learned if we all do our part to remind each other of the rules. You can help by joining us on the Eastside Trail this Saturday to hold etiquette signs and bring our southern charm to the Atlanta BeltLine! Log in and sign up with your account at

Thanks for writing!

Eddy Cat

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