Atlanta BeltLine Announces Second Round of Etiquette Campaign

New campaign features collaboration with local artists and will incorporate etiquette mascot.

ATLANTA – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) is unveiling the second round of its “etiquette campaign.” For the first time, the campaign will feature Eddy Cat, the etiquette mascot, to deliver messages about courtesy and thoughtfulness on the Atlanta BeltLine’s parks and trails.


Eddy Cat will maintain a presence on social media and on the Atlanta BeltLine, reminding users to follow rules of etiquette such as staying to the right on the trail, cleaning up after pets, and cyclists slowing down for pedestrians, among other messages that will encourage positive and healthy interactions in our shared space.


This fall, volunteers will once again be called to help with the etiquette campaign by holding signs on the trail and engaging Atlanta BeltLine users. Expect to see Eddy Cat’s tips roll out on social media within the coming weeks.


The Eddy Cat character was illustrated by local artist and animator Alston Jones. Messaging was a collaborative effort by ABI and Dad’s Garage Theater Company. Eddy Cat can be reached via or on Twitter @beltlineeddycat and will respond to trail etiquette inquiries via the new “Ask Eddy Cat” column on the Atlanta BeltLine blog. Please see the Atlanta BeltLine etiquette page for more information.

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