Cycling Kits, Zippy Carbon Road Bikes, and Bike Trailers – Oh My!

Where else in Atlanta can you find folks wearing full cycling kits and riding zippy carbon road bikes alongside a family towing a child’s trailer behind a mountain bike? These were just a few of the fascinating sights to be seen at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s Tour de BeltLine.

On Saturday, June 13th, about 500 people gathered in Grant Park to explore the Atlanta BeltLine corridor by bike.

The Tour de BeltLine consisted of three routes: a 5-mile family ride from Grant Park to D.H. Stanton Park; a 15-mile guided-tour going from Grant Park to the Westside Trail, and a 35-mile ride that followed the entire Atlanta BeltLine corridor. With their registration, riders received custom cycling caps, a cue sheet and map, and lunch at the after-party in Grant Park.

People on the 15-mile guided tour were led by a volunteer tour-guide and received information about the Atlanta BeltLine –its history and its future plans –at stops along the route. Those on the 35-mile ride enjoyed a faster-paced, police-escorted route throughout Atlanta, and the family ride allowed families of all ages to enjoy a casual bike ride alongside other parents and kids.

Just like the Atlanta BeltLine itself, the Tour de BeltLine was a ride for everyone. From kids on tricycles to those ready to clock 35 miles on their road bikes, the Tour de BeltLine was a ride where everyone could belong.

Even though the Tour de BeltLine is an annual event, don’t forget that the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Atlanta BeltLine hosts weekly Atlanta BeltLine tours every Saturday and Sunday.

See all the photos from the event on the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Facebook page.

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