Life on the Atlanta Beltline: Julie

Welcome to the fourth installment of the “Life on the Atlanta BeltLine” video series!  This series visits people who utilize the Atlanta BeltLine and illustrates how it brings value to their lives.  In this short video, Julie talks about how walking and running the Atlanta BeltLine helped sustain her drastic weight loss for over six years.

“Losing weight is really not the hard part.  It’s the keeping it off.”

Several years ago, Julie decided to make lasting lifestyle changes that would lead to a healthier life.  After losing over 100 pounds, Julie remained dedicated to staying healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle.  She joined the Atlanta BeltLine Run.Walk.GO! Club to stay fit and enjoy the many amenities of the Atlanta BeltLine.

“When I first started running, I could really not run more than a block,” Julie recalls when discussing her journey.  However, she remained committed to preserving her well-being.  Since joining the Atlanta BeltLine Run.Walk.GO! Club, she has gone on to run several marathons.  She was also the first Atlanta BeltLine Active Lifestyle Competition winner in 2013.

View the short video to see Julie’s story and learn more about how the Atlanta BeltLine can support healthy, active lifestyles.  View our calendar for Atlanta BeltLine Run.Walk.Go! Club events and be sure to check out our Run.Walk.GO! Race Series.

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