1. I. NUMBER 0012586

Notice is hereby given in compliance with Georgia Code 22-2-109 and 32-3-5 that the Georgia Department of Transportation has approved the Location and Design of this project.

The date of location approval is:

Project P.I. 0012586 is located entirely within the City of Atlanta, Fulton County limits.  The project is funded by a Livable Center Initiative grant received by the Atlanta Beltline.  The funds for this project are schedule in the Transportation Improvement Program.  The project consists of the SR 8 (Ponce de Leon Avenue) corridor between Monroe Drive/Boulevard and Freedom Parkway. The project scope includes improvements to all relevant intersections, as well as vertical access to the Atlanta BeltLine on the north side of Ponce de Leon Avenue. The project will address sidewalk improvements along the corridor.  The project will include installation of a furniture zone with street trees and pedestrian scale lighting between Monroe Drive/Boulevard and Glen Iris Drive and between Ponce de Leon Place and Freedom Parkway.  Additional proposed features include raised medians between Midtown Place Shopping Center and Ponce de Leon Court and at the Freedom Parkway intersection.  The proposed island will provide pedestrian refuge.  A ramp and retaining wall system will be constructed on the back side of the existing CVS located in the Midtown Place shopping center.  The ramp/retaining wall structure will replace an existing system of retaining walls on the west side of the Atlanta Beltline corridor. The ramp will be ADA compliant. A staircase/retaining wall system will be constructed on the northwest corner of the Atlanta BeltLine Ponce de Leon overpass.  The stair will be constructed against the existing Paris on Ponce building, with a retaining wall system to the west.  This project is located in Land District 14 in Land Lots 17 and 48.

The project is located within the City of Atlanta, and the project length is approximately 3,635 feet (0.688 miles) along Ponce de Leon Avenue.  The posted speed limit on Ponce de Leon Ave is 35 miles per hour.  The design speed is also 35 miles per hour. Ponce de Leon Avenue is classified as an urban principal arterial.

Existing and proposed ROW width varies. Invest Atlanta will be acquiring easements from 44 parcels for this project.

Drawings or maps or plats of the proposed project, as approved, are on file and are available for public inspection at the Atlanta BeltLine Inc.:

Catherine Owens
100 Peachtree St NW, Suite 900

Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or plats or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to:

Catherine Owens
100 Peachtree St NW, Suite 900

Any written request or communication in reference to this project or notice SHOULD include the Project and P. I. Numbers as noted at the top of this notice.

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