Life on the Atlanta BeltLine: Jenny

The third episode of the Life on the Atlanta BeltLine follows the story of Jenny, a cancer survivor who utilized the Eastside Trail to facilitate her recovery process and ultimately regain her health and well-being. The video series documents the lives of people who use the Atlanta BeltLine and illustrates how it brings value to their lives. As Jenny sees it, Atlanta BeltLine “saved [her] life and [her] health.”

Jenny and her husband initially moved to a neighborhood along the Eastside Trail due to the notable walkability of the community. They soon began a family with the birth of twins, but one year later in August, 2013, they were delivered life changing news: Jenny was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. She endured radical surgery and chemotherapy radiation. Once on the road to recovery, she felt the need to reclaim her health.

Starting off, Jenny would place her two infant children into their double stroller and walk the Atlanta BeltLine. Some days she would just walk to the access point to enter the trail and turn around due to exhaustion. She kept it up every single day, and before long, she was taking routine jogs with her twins along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor.

“This has been the biggest part of my recovery” recalls Jenny when discussing the Atlanta BeltLine and how it has impacted her life. Although exercise and being active played an important role in her healing, she accredits the people, art, and community as being significant factors.

As the rising sun begins to illuminate the Eastside Trail, Jenny looks toward the future with a sparkle of optimism and courage in her eyes. “We’ll just keep it up; just keep going” she states just before heading north on the Atlanta BeltLine.

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